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When Will WWE Finally Sell Bray Wyatt as WWE Champion?

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After watching Sunday night’s No Mercy pay-per-view, which I enjoyed but was left a bit empty, I am left with a few questions moving forward on the blue brand. My biggest question is following the “main event” where Bray Wyatt beat Randy Orton after Luke Harper emerged from the darkness, “What happens now for the Eater of Worlds?”

I appreciate the value in the Triple Threat match between AJ Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose with the WWE World Title on the line. I thoroughly enjoyed the Intercontinental Championship match The Miz and Dolph Ziggler (match of the night). And, to be honest, I enjoyed the tag team title match – which confuses me that the Usos did capture gold.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why this company – the one that needs more characters with backstory and depth – won’t take Wyatt’s character to another level. Why is the man who is the next best thing to Undertaker’s mystery in the title picture? Better yet, why hasn’t he captured gold yet? Once again, these are things I think about when it’s early in the morning and sleep has run away like a scared mouse looking for cheese.

Wyatt debuted his new character in April 2012 and has never held a belt, but has done his best work in the ring with almost every top star in the company. Win or lose, there is never a bad moment. The vignettes are still solid, the work in the ring may be a lot of the same, but it never gets old. Wyatt’s value to the company has always been the mystical, cryptic creature who talked in tongues, called out WWE’s top babyfaces and played mind games as if it were a chess match. For someone just 29-years-old, it is rare to find such a “complete” package in today’s business. Well, almost complete. There are a few things missing on the resume – hopefully they shall come in time.

Sunday’s final segment at No Mercy was well built during the show, the mind games between Wyatt and Orton. The match was predictable and solid, but not spectacular. The appearance of Harper wasn’t unexpected (thanks, Sarah) and the finish – well we knew that would happen. By the way, if you are keeping score at home, that’s another main event loss on a pay-per-view for Orton. While it seems the 12-time WWE World Champion may be stuck in a personal purgatory, there must be a chance for Wyatt to ascend from this confrontation and claim his spot in the main event.

Fans may like the three-way dance between Styles, Cena and Ambrose, but it cannot go on forever. On a night where I would have bet the mortgage Cena would tie Ric Flair and walk away with company gold, it would be a good idea for Wyatt to jump at a chance to challenge for a title. I’ve played with scenarios in my head (again, this is what happens with too much time on my hands) while charting the course of Styles, Cena and Ambrose. A confrontation with Styles means Wyatt becomes a babyface. Right now, that does not work. He and Ambrose beat the hell out of each other already and he and Cena had a memorable tryst which played on Cena’s vulnerability.

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There has to be a way to make this all work. Maybe the best possible way to build Wyatt as a title contender is for him to spend some time tormenting Dolph Ziggler and the Intercontinental Title before he takes another giant leap toward the main event. In any event, Wyatt is the still the most underused performer on the SmackDown Live roster. Sunday night continued to prove that. Harper and Orton will dance for a while. Wyatt will join in the fun. In the end, the program will go nowhere and fans will grow tired. Once again, the company’s best talent is wasted, like many before him.

It’s been four years since Wyatt entered WWE as this new and puzzling character. Now fans are the ones puzzled. Will he ever get a title shot? Will he ever become the “face that runs the place?” It’s the most pressing question in this company. One we won’t get a true answer for until it finally happens. By then, it might be undervalued. By then, the star might have waned. WWE is missing a golden opportunity. In Wyatt’s darkness, there has to be some light at the end of the ramp. We just don’t’ see it now. And neither does this company.

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