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When Is Valorant Releasing on Mobile Platform?

The popular game is almost here on mobile!

Valorant’s success continues to expand and with how popular the FPS game is, it continues to spread its wings on as many playable platforms as possible. It was a part of the development team’s plan to expand their game to as many platforms as possible to ensure that every gamer all over the world can have access to the game.

Keeping that goal in mind, Valorant is finally being released on the mobile platform and all the mobile gamers will be soon to access it and play with other players all over the world. Here is everything we know about it so far:

What is Valorant?

Valorant comes from the makers of “League of Legends” as the first step in the FPS arena and features a 5v5 online multiplayer first-person shooter gameplay. The game features “Agents” which are the characters the players play as and the game involves one tea attacking the other.

The goal of the attacking team is to plant a bomb known n the game as “Spike” in any one of the two given points situated in the defending team’s area. The outcome of the game has three ways:

  • The spike gets planted and detonated
  • One team successfully manages to kill all five members of the enemy team
  • The spike is defused by the defending team

Each round in the game lasts 100 seconds but it can end faster if all the members of a team are wiped out. Before every round starts, the players are allowed a 30 second prep time during which they can arrange their loadout or buy new weapons, armors, or abilities.

The game has an art style very similar to the highly popular 2016 game by Activision-Blizzard, “Overwatch”.

Valorant Release Date

As of now, Valorant is strictly exclusive to Microsoft Windows and none of the consoles have it. However, Riot Games have not announced that it will always be exclusive for Windows and the latest announcement of Valorant being released on mobile proves that.

However, besides the information that that game is being developed for mobile, not much information has been revealed. As Valorant is an AAA game, it might take several months for the developers to finally launch it on mobile. The latest report claims that Valorant mobile has been in development since May 2021.

The latest leak from a source has confirmed that the game might already be in its testing stage by the developers. But this also proves that they are only now testing the game and that too privately without any official announcement, which means the game might take a while for a stable release on mobile.

So it is better not to expect valorant mobile in 2022 but the chances of it being released in 2023 are high. However, there is a possibility we might get beta testing for the game by the end of this year.



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