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When Is It Time to Hang Up The Pro Wrestling Boots?


The last few months have seen the return of some of the Legends of WWE. It has caused me to pause for a moment or two to think about the Legends of Wrestling and to ask this general question…

When is it time to hang up the boots for good?

[adinserter block=”1″]I’m not talking about hanging up the boots in regards to in-ring appearances; but when it is time to hang up the boots altogether; including the public appearances?

Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing Bret Hart out there when he makes his appearances on WWE TV; same with the others several years ago; seeing all those guys & gals I grew up with still giving it in the ring; and thankful that they are still with us. But as the years go by I no longer see The Hitman; The Nature Boy; Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts; DDP; Scott Hall; The Late Ultimate Warrior and all the others; I see men & (some women) that are older than they should be still working in a business that really is a young man’s (& woman’s) game.

There are a few wrestlers still going well into their 40’s and 50’s who can give the whippersnappers a run for the their money; but there are the others; who shouldn’t be in the ring at all; not even executing moves they are known for in a promo spot; while others still are working the indie scene to keep the money rolling in. There is no pension for professional wrestlers; so unless they make a shit load of money; socking it away for their old age and not pissing it away; they have to keep working. It’s heartbreaking to watch really. Sure if they had a successful run in WWE/TNA and are still a ‘money’ name; they can pretty much write their own ticket; but not all wrestlers have had a successful run in WWE /TNA. These poor buggers might have a harder time making ends meet (although let’s be honest the pay scale in WWE is as messed up as it could get…sorry but some of those dudes/dudettes on the roster are over-fucking-paid…while others are seriously under-fucking-paid so it’s not really a scale you’d want to judge by).

There are those who have let that tune go…and have gone on to do something else with great success…with or without fan fare…for every Dwayne Johnson making it big in Hollywood; there is a Vickie Guerrero who went into Medical Administration. But I sense that Professional Wrestling for some; once it’s in the blood, it’s there for good and that no matter what; they will always be a part of it and It a part of them. It’s not like an office job one has; no; professional wrestling is more of a calling then a career. A calling that they hear in their heart…always singing the same sweet tune to them…calling them back one more time.

Everyone should know when it’s time to leave the party…

And everyone should know when it’s time to hang up those boots…

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