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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 4

Brandon Marshall 5. Titans go 0-4.

This has to be one of the biggest shocks in the Football season this team has gone from the #1 seed in the AFC to in complete and utter mayday mode. What is the biggest head scratcher is for the most part this is the same team (minus Albert Haynesworth) from last season that is taking the field every Sunday and up until this point this was a team that was within reasonable scoring range for each of their first three opponents. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game most had the Titans winning they get blown out.

It appears that as of writing this blog Jeff Fisher is sticking with veteran Quarterback Kerry Collins for the time being while the entire state of Tennessee is begging the coaching staff to put in Vince Young. Amazing how a couple seasons can change a career like it has with Vince Young. You go from being a potential first overall draft pick in Houston (thankfully they took Mario Williams) to being a backup Quarterback on a 0-4 team. Put Vince Young in the game and see what he’ s made of this is the time to see whether or not come April they draft another Quarterback or stick with Vince Young. Kerry Collins is getting to old to be the captain of this ship.

4. Saints/Jets put on a show in an early season pick for potential Super Bowl

If someone said that in Week 4 the Saints/Jets matchup could be a potential Super Bowl matchup you’ d probably laugh in that person’ s face and bet your entire house on that not happening. If you did that I’ m sorry to hear you lost your house because this is a matchup that could possibly happen come February. Going into this game you had the amazing Saints offense taking on the amazing Jets defense. Coming out of this game you had the amazing Saints Offense AND Defense defeating the Jets defense.

Mark Sanchez after an amazing three weeks to start his NFL career finally looked human. He made veteran safety Darren Sharper look like he was in his prime with a 98 yard touchdown and the Jets running game appeared to basically not show up to play on Sunday. What the New Orleans Saints showed the NFL was that this team is for real and is not only the “NEW greatest show on Turf” (you heard it hear first) but that they are a complete team that can not only beat you with their offense but can shut you down with their defense (i.e. Darren Sharper has 5 INT’ s in 4 games).

3. The Patriots are not dead: Defeat top AFC team the Baltimore Ravens

After Week 2 critics were ready to close up the shop on the New England Patriots season. Starting 1-1 and being a horrible kick return away from start 0-2 they did not look like the New England Patriots the NFL has had to fear the last 9 years. But after defeating NFC favorite the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3 and defeating arguably the best AFC team going into Week 4, the Baltimore Ravens; it appears that the Pats are back.

While it’ s hard to defend some of the calls the refs made during the game in favor of the Patriots it still doesn’ t take away the New England offense from outplaying the Baltimore defense that has been an amazing offense for what seems forever. Tom Brady found Randy Moss for their 2nd connection this season (21 away from tying their record now) and was able to hold onto a victory. The Patriots now add an extremely old veteran in Junior Seau to the linebacker core in Week 5. Obviously that veteran leadership is all that New England needed to guide that young Defense; Junior Seau will make Jerrod Mayo an extremely good Linebacker with his guidance.

2. The Broncos go 4-0

Just like the Titans going 0-4 on the season the Broncos going 4-0 still is one of the most shocking stories in the NFL season. As I stated in my previous blog this was a team going into the season that was in personal shambles. But it appears that new coach Josh McDaniels has reeled in his egotistical star in Brandon Marshall and made him into a team player (do you think Dick Jauron and Marvin Lewis are calling Josh McDaniels on Monday).

With Brandon Marshall more focused on gameday and less on what he should tweet that day is great news for Denver. While Denver is one step away from showing the NFL that they are “for real” by defeating the Dallas Cowboys, they need to defeat New England in Week 5 to make everyone including their mothers to turn their heads and say “wow.” If the Broncos go 5-0 with Kyle Orton as Quarterback for their team just imagine what they could have done with Jay Cutler as the QB. Not bad for a guy to start his coaching career undefeated.

1. Favre/Packers story

I think it’ s no surprise that this is the Top story from Week 4 and why wouldn’ t it be, ESPN clearly had no problem reminding us what the Monday Night game was this week. For the first time ever Brett Favre played against the Green Bay Packers, a game that many Packer fans including yours truly never saw happening. It was a game that Brett Favre finally admitted that he wanted to win and win badly.

We all know the history that brought us to this point and I’ m not going to rewind time to tell you what lead us to the game. Favre was out for blood and he proved it with the numbers he put up against the Packers. Brett Favre at the age of 39 went 24/31 for 271 yards with 3 touchdowns. Not bad for a guy that many in the Packers organization didn’ t have it anymore.

But on the other side of the coin the basket that the Packers organization put all their eggs in; Aaron Rodgers looked solid as he went 26 for 37 for 384 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT. Rodgers wanted to prove to everyone watching as well that he was the rightful owner of the starting job in Green Bay and deserves to start in the NFL. He clearly showed he could carry this team in a couple of years and is developing into a great Quarterback.

Favre played great and the Vikings won by a touchdown 30-23. The next step in this long storied rivalry with extra seasoning is November 1st at Lambeau Field. It will be interesting to see how the “Cheese head faithful” welcome their former Quarterback. For the first round Favre had the metrodome behind him, the second time around in front of a potentially warzone could be a completely different situation.

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