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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 9

Larry Johnson 5. Kansas City Chiefs release Larry Johnson:

If someone told Larry Johnson three seasons ago that he would be released from his contract mid-season and be hated by the entire franchise he played his whole career with I’m sure he wouldn’t believe it. But the welcoming mat has worn out in Kansas City for this once beloved football star. Amazing that Larry Johnson and not Jim Zorn were released from their contract first. I would have put my money on Zorn.

Now the question being asked is where or even if Larry Johnson will play his football career next? This former college standout & first round pick has gone from Pro Bowler to unemployed. I believe Larry Johnson’s career in Football will continue on but not without many question marks about the longevity of his play in the NFL. Anyone who picks up Larry Johnson may at best get a 3rd down running back.

4. Dallas Cowboys take over NFC East:

[adinserter block=”1″]Out of the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys I never would have thought the Cowboys would or could be leading the NFC East at any point in the 2nd half of the season. This team is filled with too many problems and a Quarterback who may not be exactly what the Cowboys are looking for (nice U2 reference eh?). It’s almost as if Jerry Jones wants a reason to fire Wade Phillips so he could welcome Mike Shanahan/Bill Cowher/Mike Holmgren with open arms and pockets filled with cash.

But for the time being the Cowboys are atop of the mountain of the NFC East division and may actually become the team to beat in that Division. Which if you asked me seven weeks ago, I would have never believed nor written. I still feel like we are a normal Cowboy media problem away from watching this team crumble. I wonder who Tony Romo’s girlfriend will be at the Thanksgiving day game?

3. Arizona Cardinals blow out the Chicago Bears:

“The Bears are who we thought they were…” Ah never words spoken so truly as the Arizona Cardinals destroyed the Chicago Bears. The once amazing Chicago Bears defense allowed a senior citizen Quarterback named Kurt Warner throw five touchdown passes on the day, two of which went to Larry Fitzgerald (thanks Kurt, needed a big game from Fitz in Fantasy). The win made the NFL take notice and reminds everyone that they ARE the DEFENDING NFC Champions.

The NFC West is the Cardinals to lose. There is no team that can compete with them, at least in 2009. Just like last season this team could win nine games and still win the Division, hell they might even be able to win eight games and still win the West. What this game showed to the NFL is not to take this Arizona team lightly.

2. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win their first game of season:

It pains me to write this as a Green Bay Packers fan but what can you do. I was still on the euphoric high that is the New York Yankees win the World Championship in Baseball (and may still be) and this loss didn’t hurt as badly as it could have. The only thing that probably hurts more then this loss to the Bucs is the fact that they did it in those horrible creamsicle uniforms that made them the laughing stock of the NFL for decades.

Josh Freeman looked great in the game and has similar build as a Byron Leftwich. I’m not necessarily saying that is a good thing but if he can make this team into believers for the rest of this season then he should head into 2010 at least winning five or more games. Good win for the Bucs and makes their fan base remember that they play on Sunday.

1. Philip Rivers’ last drive gives the San Diego Chargers the win:

In what was the most exciting game to watch on Sunday the San Diego Chargers defeated the New York Giants 21-20 on a 4th quarter last minute drive. Philip Rivers defeated his old team (wait, don’t remember Rivers as a Giant?), while Eli Manning fell to his old team (remember now?) in a game that has now put these two franchises on different paths for the rest of this 2009 season. The Chargers are red hot while the Giants are ice cold.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Chargers have the momentum and are starting to creep up behind the Denver Broncos in the AFC West while the New York Giants go from going 5-0 to going 0-4 in the last four weeks. For those of you keeping track at home that means the Giants are 5-4 and are handing the NFC East over to the Eagles & Cowboys. The Chargers will continue to roll and may actually catch the Broncos in the AFC West just before the playoffs begin, as for the Giants they need this bye week BADLY. They need to come out of Week 11 looking like the Championship team they were back in ’07.

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