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Come this Sunday we will be a third of a way through the season. A season where we have seen surprises (Broncos & Bengals) and some let downs (Titans). The first six weeks do not cement a season but they help build the foundation on that season for each franchise. Where you stand after Week 6 will help determine if you are a contender or pretender when it comes to play Football in the winter months of 2010.

I stated in my Week 4 preview blog that it was going to take the next three games (Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers) to determine if the Denver Broncos were a team to be taken seriously. The Broncos approach Week 6 still undefeated and heading into the last leg of games that would make them a contender in the AFC. Win, loss or draw at this point the Denver Broncos are for real. They have a great head coach leading the way in his first season and a team on a mission to prove that they can complete the goal of raising the Vince Lombardi trophy in January. The last two times the Denver Broncos started the season 6-0 they won the Super Bowl, it will be interesting to see if Denver can keep that tradition alive against the Bolts this Week.

The Week 6 schedule looks much better then the Week 5 schedule as the NFL is giving us at least four good games in the Falcons/Bears, Broncos/Chargers, Giants/Saints and Vikings/Ravens matchups. The Giants/Saints matchup in my opinion is the most intriguing cause this will showcase who is the most dominant team in the NFC.

The Giants defense vs. The Saints offense will be the focal point for this matchup and when it comes down with that I always go with the old saying of, “defense wins Championships.” This is the New York Football Giants first real test this season and the Saints are coming off of a bye week. The Giants need to get Brandon Jacobs motor started in this week or they will be in trouble as the season continues. Drew Brees will not have a huge day like he did in the first two weeks of the season as this Giants defense is by far the most superior defense in Football. We are looking at an early season NFC Championship game, whether that will continue is debatable for another time. But you can’t talk NFC Championship without mentioning the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons will be taking on the disappointing Chicago Bears in a Week 6 matchup that I feel will continue to cement the Falcons dominance in the NFC. The Falcons have the offense to take apart this once great Chicago Bears defense. I look for Michael Turner to finally turn the jets in Week 6 and join Roddy White in finally waking up this season. Jay Cutler will make the Falcons defense look good, really good.

Finally the Vikings/Ravens matchup is a very intriguing matchup that makes me feel like most fans are writing off the Ravens as a dominate team after their Week 5 loss to Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens defense will make Brett Favre look like a 40 year old Quarterback in the NFL shutting down the passing game. But the weapon of “All-Day” Adrian Peterson will show flaws in the rush defense of the Ravens in the early part of this season. The Vikings are among the Giants, Saints and Falcons as the NFC elite at this point of the season. I believe the Vikings will continue to be undefeated until the finally step on the hollowed grounds of Lambeau Field on November 1st.

Week 6 should be a fun week to watch for most NFL fans and will start to shape up the top of the food chain in both conferences. With that being said here are my Week 6 picks:

Week 6 Picks:

Falcons over Bears
Jets over Bills
Broncos over Chargers
Steelers over Browns
Cardinals over Seahawks
Redskins over Chiefs
Eagles over Raiders
Giants over Saints
Packers over Lions
Panthers over Buccaneers
Jaguars over Rams
Vikings over Ravens
Bengals over Texans
Patriots over Titans

Week 5 Record: 8-6

2009 Record: 47-28

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