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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Week 15 Thoughts

Philip Rivers can be deadly in the playoffsLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out to me in from Week 15 in the National Football League!

The San Diego Chargers are back in the AFC West hunt still and go from looking like the team to be out of the playoffs on the AFC West side to now looking like the team to beat. If Vincent Jackson continues to play as well as he did in Week 15 with Phillip Rivers playing as well as he has had this season…look out.

Speaking of the AFC West the Kansas City Chiefs are making things very interesting as the regular season is coming to a close. I believe that right now, the Chiefs will be out of the playoffs this season but will control the AFC West next season. This is a 11 to 12 win team in the making.

I really have enjoyed the way Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing since he became the starting QB in Buffalo. The bad thing for the Bills is that he has forced the franchise’s hand in the 2011 NFL Draft. While at one time it looked like they would probably be going QB in the draft, it looks like now they will go a different direction.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Cincinnati Bengals lose T.O. for the rest of the season to injury and win a game. Foreshadowing? I hate to say it, but I told ya so…the franchise a-bomb strikes again!

Can’t say it enough in these blogs, the Houston Texans are a huge disappointment this season. Gary Kubiak will not make the sidelines in Houston next season for sure now.

Someone else that may not make the coaching sidelines was the Texans opponents in Week 15 and that is Jeff Fisher & the Tennessee Titans. Fisher has sadly lost control of the Tennessee Titans and the team appears to be siding more with Vince Young then their very own coach. If Fisher were to be removed from power in Tennessee he might be a better fit in a Dallas, Minnesota or Carolina franchise.

What is there to say about the Philadelphia Eagles victory over the New York Giants that hasn’t already been said the last couple of days? The Giants choked and the Eagles capitalized. Philly vs. Atlanta in the NFC Championship is still my pick right now. Vick in the playoffs will be DEADLY.

The Buccaneers showed the world in Week 15 that they are still a pretty young team when it comes to winning and the playoff hunt. The loss to the Lions hurt pretty badly but it still gives the Bucs hope for next season. I would not be shocked if Tampa is a 10-win team in 2011. Hopefully they end the season on the right note.

All AFC teams are being put on notice as they approach the playoffs…the Ravens are beating good teams and looking as strong as they did when they made the playoff run last year. Ray Rice is starting to play as well as everyone thought he’d play like at the start of the season. Ravens really could be that AFC team that sneaks into a Super Bowl berth on the AFC side.

I’m waiting to hear the ratings for the Panthers/Cardinals game, I’m sure it was huge.

The Cowboys and Redskins played an overtime game that no one cared about. You know no one cares when the large storyline going into the game is Donovan McNabb not starting and how the Redskins locker room is split. Mutiny’s in locker rooms usually lead to coaching decimals, even for Super Bowl winning coaches.

A playoffs without Peyton Manning and the Colts would be weird to see. It appears that the Colts feel the same way. I still can’t see the Jags winning the AFC South with two weeks to go, it could happen but I’d put my money on the injury prone Colts. Weird things happen when seasons are on the line, some teams wake up & respond.

Falcons win again, best team in the NFC…until they meet the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

How are the Seahawks & the Rams still in the playoff hunt? The NFC West is god awful, the NFL should just dismember that entire division.

Are the Jets for real even AFTER beating the Steelers? I’m not sure yet, the win for the Steelers helps but the case is still out on this team that I thought was at one time, the best in the league. The confidence in the team I still believe is lacking, the Jets swagger has quieted down in recent weeks.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Oakland Raiders have made me a fan in their progress this season. Kudos to Tom Cable from making the team competitive and getting Darren McFadden’s career back on track. Similar to the Bucs, I believe the Raiders are going to be a good team next season…whenever that may be.

The Green Bay Packers put up a hell of a fight against the New England Patriots. This game at one time had Super Bowl potential written all over it until the Packers faced a ton of heartbreaking injuries. The Packers season is on the line in Week 16 and they need a big win over the Giants.

I still believe the Chicago Bears are overrated. The fact that they are Division Champs with Jay Cutler as QB is mind boggling. This team is not blowing me away, but you still have to respect that they are Division Championship team.

– It finally appears the career of Brett Favre is now over after he latest injury from Monday Night. Maybe at a later date I’ll look back at his career here at Camel Clutch Blog.

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