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First off let me apologize for not writing a preview the last two weeks. Was busy with the Thanksgiving holiday and other things but alas I am back to preview Week 14 in the NFL. Let’s take a look at some of the important matchups we get to look forward to this week in the NFL.

[adinserter block=”1″]Kicking off the preview we will first start off taking a look at the Colts/Broncos game. A game that is a potentially an AFC Divisional Playoff match come January. The Colts are looking to stay undefeated and improve to 13-0 while the Broncos are looking to increase their chance on capturing a wild card playoff spot or make a final run at the AFC West Championship. Two teams with completely different goals right now since one team has already made their playoff stance known.

This is a game the Broncos need but the Colts want. No matter who you are, in any sport you ever played, you want to be the best. The Colts want to be undefeated. They want to go 16-0 into the playoffs and finish their season 19-0. The Broncos need to be in the playoffs. Josh McDaniels needs to prove to everyone that he is a good coach and can take a team lead by Kyle Orton of all people to a playoff position.

While both teams will be playing with some sort of desire throughout the game I still believe the Colts will win this one. The Colts for weeks were playing teams, letting them stay close with them and then winning. Last week I think we saw what the Colts were really like by dominating the game for just about the entire game. The Broncos will lose but will bounce back on their way into the playoffs.

In a match that could potentially be a Super Bowl matchup (whether we may like it or not) the Bengals will be taking on the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s be honest here. These two teams are in the Top 3 of their conferences. We won’t hear it from the NFL experts but the Bengals/Vikings could be played in February with the World Championship on the line.

The Vikings played HORRIBLE against a very surprising Arizona Cardinals team last week on primetime. So much so that it may have scared Vikings fans that maybe Brett Favre is finally showing signs of a 40-year old quarterback. This is the time of the year when people thought Favre may break down (just like he did last season) in New York and we maybe on the verge of it.

Cincy on the other hand still doesn’t get much respect because they are the Bengals. This is a victory that will be a statement game for the Bengals and help seal up the AFC North. The Bengals are fighting for a first round bye in the AFC playoffs and should get a step closer with a victory over Minnesota this Sunday.

It’s December again which means the Dallas Cowboys should begin breaking down and missing the playoffs again after being an NFC favorite team. This will continue to happen as the San Diego Chargers should defeat the Dallas Cowboys this week. San Diego is on fire in the NFL right now on their way to another AFC West Championship while the Dallas Cowboys are already forming reasons why they lose in December.

Tony Romo is not a leader and Wade Phillips is not a coach. If this game is even close I will be surprised. The media has some sort of power of this Dallas Cowboys team where they can convince them that they will lose again in December. It’s going to be a cold December in Dallas again this season which should open the door for the next matchup.

The Giants/Eagles will be one heck of a matchup on Sunday night and will help shape the NFC Playoffs. If the Eagles win it’s over for the Giants, if the Giants win we will have the Dallas Cowboys on the verge of crapping themselves as the Eagles & Giants are breathing down their December necks. The Giants are looking like the team that started playing in the start of the season and Philadelphia is looking like they always do this time of the year this past decade.

[adinserter block=”2″]Philly is a strong team and is playing like they always do. The Giants want this game more then the Eagles do and the win against Dallas is giving them some confidence as they prepare for the final stretch of the season. Eli Manning isn’t the leader they thought he was and it’s allowing other players like Brandon Jacobs and Osi Umenyiora to step up as leaders. I like the Giants in this one and giving us another NFC East shootout in the final weeks of the regular season.

Should be a great week as we get on step closer to January football and the playoffs!

Now onto my Week 14 picks…

Week 14 Picks:

Steelers over Browns
Saints over Falcons
Colts over Broncos
Bills over Chiefs
Ravens over Lions
Dolphins over Jaguars
Jets over Buccaneers
Bengals over Vikings
Packers over Bears
Patriots over Panthers
Texans over Seahawks
Redskins over Raiders
Titans over Rams
Chargers over Cowboys
Giants over Eagles
Cardinals over 49ers

Week 13 Record: 9-7

2009 Record: 121-57

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