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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Week 14 Thoughts

Is Jeff Fisher on the NFL head coaching hot seat?Let’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out to me in from Week 13 in the National Football League!

– Maybe I wrote off the Indianapolis Colts a little bit too early. Yes they defeated a now written off Tennessee Titans team and they still are sitting behind in their Division, but it’s still Peyton Manning and we still have three weeks to go. The Colts have their back against the wall, but it’s the Colts.

– Should we add Jeff Fisher to the lists of NFL coaches they very well could be fired in the off-season? I hope not, I think it’s just a case of a good coach trying to work with a bad team.

[adinserter block=”1″]- Ryan Fitzpatrick is making it very hard for the Bills front office to go with a QB in the First Round in the 2011 NFL Draft. They very well could still draft a QB to sit on the bench for the next 2-3 seasons, especially if Fitzpatrick is franchise QB worthy. Good to see the Bills making their season worth it these last couple of weeks.

– The Bengals are done and the Pittsburgh Steelers are proving to be a Top 3 team in the AFC. They may be the only team that actually compete with the New England Patriots in the AFC come January. Sad to see Cincy cut their ties with Marvin Lewis in the near future. Good defensive coach should land on his feet rather quickly.

– I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Jacksonville Jaguars are for real. Here we are in Week 14 and they are still leading their division. Are they the most surprising playoff team in the league? I don’t know about that yet, you still have plenty of bad teams in the NFC still trying to be playoff worthy this season.

– Oakland will be a team to beat next season…or the next NFL season after the lockout…whenever that may be.

– Tampa Bay may be playoff worthy but you barely beat the Washington Redskins in Week 14? A win is a win but you need to start proving your dominance/worth in the NFL. Like the Raiders, they will be a team to beat next season.

– Atlanta is still my favorite to be the NFC representation in the Super Bowl XLV.

– Green Bay’s season is on the line heading into Week 15. The Packers lose to the Lions in a HORRIBLE game and Aaron Rodgers goes out with what we are assuming in a concussion. Green Bay needs to beat New England in Week 15 in Foxboro. A place Tom Brady does not lose at in the regular season. The Packers season is in the palms of the Patriots hands.

– Sad to see the Rams lose to the Saints the way they did, I was hoping the Rams would put up a pretty good performance against the defending Super Bowl Champions but it wasn’t meant to be. Unlike the Bucs & Raiders I believe the Rams will be a great team in about two years. Bradford is the best QB to come out of the draft since a similar QB who is performing well in his junior NFL Season. That QB’s name you may ask? Well he goes by “Matty Ice.”

– The Seattle Seahawks are below .500 and could make the playoffs. NFL needs to destroy that division. All the teams, who would be written off in any other NFL Division, are still football eligible. The NFC West stinks.

– While the Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFC, the New England Patriots are still the best team in the AFC are by far, the best team in the NFL. The Super Bowl could very well be returning to New England in February. I believe all this hype.

– The Chicago Bears are who we thought they were! Still the worst NFL Divisional leads sans the NFC West. Smoke and mirrors is a perfect way to sum up this team.

– Cardinals beat the Denver Broncos. Who cares? I’m just surprised the Broncos didn’t respond from their head coach being fired with a win. Maybe they didn’t get the memo.

[adinserter block=”2″]- San Diego is doing it again. Some weeks they look to be done and then the next they come back to show us that they are still a good AFC West team. The Kansas City Chiefs did not look like a playoff worthy team at all. Clearly shows us how important Matt Cassel is to the Chiefs, much underrated quarterback.

– The New York Jets have become the most disappointing team in the NFL right now. They go from Super Bowl favorites to scoring just 9 points in two weeks. They are starting to question Mark Sanchez on the back pages of the New York papers and the Jets need a huge bounce back win ASAP. While they are still playoff bound favorites, they need to prove their playoff worth to finish this season.

– While I say the Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFC and Super Bowl favorites in my opinion, I think the Philadelphia Eagles will be the best NFC team in the playoffs. They could be the only NFC team that will matchup well with the New England Patriots. But still, they are the Philadelphia Eagles and we know what happens when they reach the NFC Championship Game.

– Will Jason Garrett remain as the Dallas head coach next season? I still think so. A high profile coach won’t fit in Dallas. There is only room for one star and that’s (sadly) Jerry Jones.

– Sad to see Brett Favre’s streak end, I grew up a huge Brett Favre fan and as time went on I no longer looked up to the former hero in my life. Favre had a great streak but it was time for it to end, when it was all said and done his body caught up to him.

– The Texans are still the biggest personal disappointment for me the 2010-2011 season, really had high hopes for this team.

– Do not count the New York Giants out of the top of the NFC class just yet…here they come.

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