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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 7

Eli Manning5. NFC East heating up

The NFC East is starting to heat up as we now have close to three of the four teams vying for 1st place. The Giants who have yet to have a bye week are 5-2 while the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are a ½ game behind as they are both 4-2 on the season. Of the three teams vying for the NFC East crown you have to give the edge to the Philadelphia Eagles right now as it would appear that everything is starting to click in Philly.

Dallas is a team that still doesn’t convince me as being a powerhouse in the NFC, let alone the NFC East. There is something starting to boil in Dallas as finger pointing is just a week away and the heat on the hot seat will continue to warm up as Jerry Jones finds a reason to get rid of Wade Phillips in the offseason. Dallas shouldn’t last much longer in the top of the NFC East and when it comes to in conference games they do not match well against the Giants or Eagles.

As for the current top team in the NFC East, the New York Football Giants they just happen to be listed as the #4 story coming out of Week 7.

4. Giants lose 2nd straight game, go to 5-2

The New York Giants are becoming the fast falling Football team in the NFL right as they have lost two straight against two of some of the hierarchy in the NFC. We may be seeing what the Giants really are this season after starting their season against five teams that weren’t looked at as strong teams to compete with them. After seeing how they played against the Saints and Cardinals; Giants fans have to be worried as they enter Week 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

If the Giants drop to the Eagles we may have to start considering the Giants as a potential playoff team. Which is something most people didn’t think they would be saying just two weeks ago with the way the Giants started the season. This is a must win game for the Giants or they could be heading towards a major issues at the meadowlands.

3. Alex Smith returns in tough loss

After a hard fought game against the Houston Texans, 49ers fans may be finally seeing what they were hoping for out of #1 draft pick Alex Smith. As Alex Smith returned to the football field and almost single handily brought the 49ers past the Texans in a game that at one point looked like to be a blowout. This has to be good news for the 49ers franchise as they have given him the nod as the starting QB in Week 8.

The 49ers can go either way now this season, if Alex Smith is on for the rest of the season the 49ers could be a Wild Card playoff team. Shaun Hill was not going to take the 49ers franchise in the next step in the NFL and Alex Smith was a season away from working at hardee’s or coaching a High School football team. If we get the Alex Smith that scouts loved then we could be looking at a new leaf changing over in San Francisco.

2. Steelers give the Vikings their first loss

The Steelers/Vikings game was my favorite game to watch this past Sunday. Up until the 4th quarter these teams were neck and neck in the game. Minnesota needed this win to finally prove to their critiques that they were for real and the Steelers needed the win to get back on track showing everyone why they are defending Super Bowl Champions.

We finally got to see the Brett Favre of old this week as well as he threw a INT into coverage as the Steelers defense would bring it back for a Touchdown. On that point the Steelers defense looked great this past weekend showing why they are considered to be the top Defensive team in Football. It was a great game overall and we may be seeing the beginning of the foundation cracking in Minnesota as they head into Green Bay this week.

1. New Orleans comes back from 24-3 deficit to stay undefeated

At one point it looked like the Miami Dolphins were going to finally give the New Orleans Saints a loss this season. Leading 24-3 at one point it was all but a fore gone conclusion that the Saints would finally chalk up their first loss and the Fins would get a huge victory. But all of a sudden the Saints came alive both offensively and defensively to come back and take the victory by 12 points.

The Saints victory over the Giants was huge but the victory over the Dolphins showed the NFC and the NFL what’s in store for the rest of this season. The Saints are the heavily favorite to win the NFC Championship crown right now and will be going into the playoffs. I still say that if Drew Brees does not win the NFL MVP I will be shocked. This Saints team is extremely fun to watch.

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