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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 6

Mark Sanchez New York Jets 5. Mark Sanchez throws 5 INTs

Amazing what six weeks can do to you in the beginning of your NFL career. In the first three weeks Mark Sanchez was on top of the New York sporting world. New York sports radio was calling Mark Sanchez as the top New York sports figure in the city. He was just a day away from getting a key to the city and a ticker tape parade.

The Jets were 3-0 preparing themselves for a Super Bowl and a statue of their new rookie quarterback. Three weeks later Mark Sanchez is the talk of New York sports radio again for all the wrong reasons. No one thought the Jets would be 3-3 after Week 6 and that Mark Sanchez would have a meltdown against the Buffalo Bills.

That meltdown came in the form of 5; yes count them 5 interceptions in the game. Sanchez did everything he could do for the Bills to win. He was Terrell Owens favorite quarterback at the end of the game. But this is the trials and tribulations quarterbacks tend to see in their rookie season, Sanchez showed the poise that he will be a start in the NFL and should eventually bounce back. This Jets team is too good not to make the playoffs this season.

4. How is Jim Zorn still the head coach for the Redskins?

Jim Zorn has become everyone’s favorite underdog in the NFL. Never before has a coach’s job been on the line every single week like it has for Jim Zorn. You have to give the guy credit for staying positive after every single Redskin legend has attempted to run him out of the organization. It’s a sad situation since people should be pointing the finger more at Daniel Snyder the owner of the Redskins.

Zorn will finish the season with the Redskins but he most definitely won’t be back. No matter what Jim Zorn does he is a sitting duck in Washington and he knows it. Mike Shanahan or Bill Cowher will be the favorites for the Redskins position following the offseason. For Redskins fans this is going to continue to be a tough season.

3. The Eagles lose to the Raiders

This could very well be the biggest upset of the 2009 season so far. Nobody saw this coming. The Eagles were in my opinion one of the top NFC teams going into this season. But they are definitely not having the season they were hoping for when they took the field on Week 1.

To lose to the Oakland Raiders, a team that just like the Washington Redskins; in shambles, is embarrassing. JaMarcus Russell is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league and you let him throw for what most would consider being a career game for him in the NFL. If the Eagles lose to the Chiefs in Week 7 we should get ready for the Kevin Kolb rumors to start in Philly. A very disappointing loss for what should be a top team in the NFL.

2. Broncos, Saints and Vikings stay undefeated

These three teams continued to separate themselves from the rest of the NFL this past week with big wins that kept them all undefeated this season. The most surprising by far is the Denver Broncos who have improved their record to an amazing 6-0 this season. They completed the trifecta (Cowboys, Patriots, Chargers) of games that I deemed would make them a team that is “for real.” They are 6-0 and are gaining confidence every game they play. They are most definitely no longer a “pretender” in the AFC; this team is without a doubt a contender.

The most impressive win of the three undefeated teams goes to the New Orleans Saints; turning the Giants defense into the Lions defense with their victory in Week 6. I do not remember a time where the Giants defense gave up that many points in a game. To put over 40+ on the board against the G-Men is impressive and really shows everyone that the Saints are THE team to be in the NFC this season. Drew Brees is by far the first half of the season MVP.

Finally the Minnesota Vikings squeaked through with a victory over the sliding Baltimore Ravens. This game was one of the better games in Week 6 as the Vikings let the Ravens walk into striking position for the victory in the 4th quarter. While despite winning the Vikings are still not a convincing undefeated team. When you’re dealing with a 40 year old quarterback and a often injured running back eventually something is going to give. But for the meantime Brad Childress is looking like a genius, which is very hard to do.

1. Tom Brady is back in the first half

The entire region of New England breathed a loud sigh of relief this past weekend when Tom Brady finally returned to the football field and it only took his return to comeback in the first half of a game. In the first half alone Tom Brady threw for 5 touchdowns. Yes I wrote that correctly as in the first half Tom Brady threw for 5 TDs. Some football players if not most will never do that feat in their career let alone in the first half.

Terrific Tom would add one more TD in the 2nd half for 6 total TD passes before finally letting the bleeding stop against the Titans. What football fans saw this weekend was the eve of what could be the 2007 Tom Brady that took NFL franchises down for 18 straight games in the ’07 season. If that is the case, look out as it appears Tom Brady and the New England Patriots sent a huge message this past Sunday.

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