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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 5

Matt Hasslebeck 5. The Raiders and Rams don’t show up to play Football

The new competition every Sunday seems to be which one of these teams plan on scoring the fewer amounts of points on Sunday. Both of these franchises are currently racing for the #1 draft pick in the 2010 draft this coming spring. One team has a Quarterback on his way to the bust and buffet line with JaMarcus Russell while the other has…Kyle Boller? Yeah remember him? He was supposed to be the future of the Baltimore Ravens, how did that work out? Just ask Joe Flacco.

The St. Louis Rams are a team that surprises me because I really thought Steve Spagnuolo was going to have a decent season in St. Louis. He was looked at by some in NFL inner circle as the guy that made that Giants team go in the last couple of seasons. He sits 0-5 while the Giants are 5-0 and the defense still looks good. You tell me if Spagnuolo really was a defensive genius after all.

It’s amazing that the Raiders even have a win this season. Sam Bradford…Colt McCoy…please meet your future employers. Sorry guys.

4. With Hasselbeck back the Seahawks look good

With Matt Hasselbeck behind center again this Sunday the Seahawks were able to shut out and shut down the Jacksonville Jaguars who clearly didn’t play like they did against the Titans, 41-0. It took five weeks to show what the Seahawks still have left in the tank and it was an impressive showcase by far. Most importantly Seattle got their leader back in Matt Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck in his first full healthy game this season went 18 for 30 for 241 yards and 4 touchdowns. Leading the Seattle Seahawks to shut down the Jacksonville Jaguars 41-0, making heads turn in the NFC as the leader of the Seattle franchise has returned. If this is the Hasselbeck that Seattle gets this season then we are looking at potential powerful team surging in the NFC and possibly catching teams by surprise.

3. Falcons dominate the 49ers

Going into this Sunday’s matchup I really thought it was going to be the most competitive and exciting game out of all of Week 5. What this game showed us is what I have been predicating all season long, the Atlanta Falcons are a dangerous team and could be NFC Champions come February. The offense does not get enough credit and the Falcons defense may be overlooked by most.

Roddy White finally had the game Fantasy Football owners were hoping for catching over 200 yards against a defense that has played well throughout the entire season. Mike Singletary is a defensive minded coach and putting 45 points on the board with a receiver catching 200 yards is a good sign of what things are to come for the Falcons in the 2009 season. Very impressive win for the Falcons after a string of losses, hopefully Matt Ryan can ride this wave and gain more confidence as the season rolls on. The Falcons are a dangerous team.

2. The Bengals win an emotional game for their Defensive Coordinator

Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer lost his wife tragically this past Thursday, three days later he led his Bengals defense to a huge victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Not only did the Bengals capture an emotional victory but they also cemented themselves as an early season AFC powerhouse. This Bengals team has defeated the Steelers and Ravens this season already while they are a Denver miracle away from being 5-0.

Amazing to see what a healthy Carson Palmer can do for a team. Now that Carson Palmer is in season form it appears that Palmer can be considered an elite Quarterback in the NFL. Not many people can “contro” Chad Ocho Cinco and that alone is a talent that can be applauded for. Like the Falcons the Bengals could also be partying Super Bowl weekend as the AFC representative.

I can’t believe I’m writing that in Week 5, but it looks like it could be a possibility.

1. The Broncos go 5-0

The Denver Broncos are for real, finally. I have been questioning that statement for weeks now but now it is official as the Broncos defeated long AFC mainstay the New England Patriots in an overtime thriller this past Sunday in Denver. Josh McDaniels is by far the favorite for the NFL Coach of the Year now by taking a team that most estimated would be a Top 5 Draft Pick team in 2010. They were heading into this season with a less then proven Quarterback in Kyle Orton and a disgruntled Pro Bowl Wide Receiver in Brandon Marshall.

Five weeks later Kyle Orton is looking like a better team Quarterback then Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall has shut his mouth, practicing hard to be a better Wide Receiver for the Broncos. The person that deserves all that credit is first year Coach Josh McDaniels. Not many of Bill Belichick’s protégés have been successful in their levels of Football coaching but Josh McDaniels has thus far. It could be a case of the Mangini’s where he looks like a “genius” but for now the Broncos and Josh McDaniels are for real.

New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos Video Highlights

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