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Inside the Wheelhouse – 7 Things Learned From The Weekend

Fedor Emelianenko1. The Titans are not as bad as their first 6 games and the Giants are not as good as their first 6 games. However, the Rams and Browns are every bit as bad as we thought through all 8 games they’ve played, as they narrowly avoided losses on their bye week.

[adinserter block=”1″]2. Fantasy Basketball is easy. You can take a very small amount of knowledge and destroy someone who watches the NBA on a daily basis. Here’s the key: Yahoo’s ranking for baseball are terrible. Same for Football. So I assumed that they would be crappy yet again for basketball. So while everyone else was drafting the next highest guy on Yahoo’s crappy list, I used ESPN’s. Guess who won opening week going away? And guess who is primed to post big numbers all season.

3. It’s November sweeps time for TV! So you can expect every pseudo-star who needs a gig, is selling a book, has a movie coming out, or an album dropping to show up on your favorite network shows! And that CBS loves CSI. (Did you hear there is a 3 part event this week? I did. 3,782,659 times today during football.) I’m surprised there isn’t CSI: Fresno on Tuesdays and CSI: The Moon on Saturdays.

4. Fedor Emelderendenkofestovsterivich is all that and a bowl of borsht. CBS gambled and lost on Kimbo Slice as Elite XC fell as fast as he did in his first loss. So now with Strikeforce, judging from their Saturday Night Fights card, it’s all Fedor. When Fedor hit That Guy Who Strikeforce Put Up Against Fedor with a straight right in the 2nd round, I thought he literally knocked his head off. It was the 2nd most brutal shot I’ve seen in MMA, only to that flying punch from Dan Henderson on Michael Bisping. Fedor was unimpressive in the 1st round, but that changed in an instant in the 2nd. If only there was one organization and all of this rival league stuff would go away. But keep Gus Johnson. Excitement personified!

5. The Colts and Saints will not finish undefeated this season. Both have great teams and have found a way to win in back-to-back weeks without their A stuff. But that is about to catch up with them in the month of November. The Saints are losing at least 2 out of 4 against the Patriots, Cowboys, Falcons and Panthers and the Colts go down next week, before they start Operation: December Peyton Rest.

[adinserter block=”2″]6. Joey Porter should shut up. He runs his mouth all week about how he has a “natural hate for the Patriots”, how they “cheated”, and how Tom Brady has rules made to protect him and then when the game happens, he’s nowhere to be found. He finished the game with exactly zero tackles. If CBS didn’t show him with a uniform on, I wouldn’t have known he played, since he isn’t in the box score. Win three rings, and then run your yap.

7. Avoid the Epcot Food and Wine Festival on its closing weekend. The Festival is awesome and I highly recommend you go next year. But do not go on closing weekend. With your 19 month-old son. Don’t say I didn’t try and help…

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