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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 13

Tony Romo5. Michael Vick returns to Atlanta:

In what was a game that I personally did not see a lot of hype over…Michael Vick returned to Atlanta for the first time since his dog fighting charge two years ago. Had not it been for Brett Favre joining the Vikings and playing the Packers; maybe this would have been the big “return” game of the season. But it wasn’t and for the most part killed all that was left of a team that I thought could be NFC Champions in the Atlanta Falcons.

In his first game back in Atlanta, Vick went 2/2 for 48 yards with 1 TD and ran for 17 yards on 4 carries with 1 TD. Nothing overly impressive but nonetheless Vick got his chance to show the crowd that once loved him what they were missing. The same crowd that booed him in the beginning of the game, semi-cheered for him when he scored and once the game was over started chanted “we want Vick.”

I’m sorry Atlanta but that train left a long time ago, you have Matt Ryan now. He will help you in the long run.

4. The Steelers lose 4th straight game:

What in the hell has happened to the defending Super Bowl Champions? Four weeks ago they were 6-2 on the verge on cruising into a playoff spot and now they are back peddling out of contention! They have lost to the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, in games that they should have won by thirty or more points.

The steel curtain that helped bring them to a championship last season looked to be rotting out from its very foundation. Mike Tomlin professed that the losing (and bleeding) would stop prior to the Raiders game. It did not stop and not the Steelers appear that they will be watching the playoffs right beside me next month.

3. Are the Cowboys on another December road out of the playoffs? :

I have never been a “Dallas Cowboys hater” like a good percentage of the NFL fans are. To me the Cowboys never really bothered me nor meant anything to me because they really haven’t mattered since Emmitt, Michael and Troy. But I must admit, it is fun to watch this team collapse lately in December.

I love listening to the media build on how they are already crumbling after one loss to the New York Giants (the same New York Giants I thought were going to roll over and die last week but appear to be alive again…for the time being). I believe the Cowboys front office wants this to happen so they have a reason to go out and hire a big time coach to hopefully turn their franchise around. I believe the Cowboys are on the verge of collapsing again and I will definitely root it on!

2. The Arizona Cardinals look strong against the Minnesota Vikings:

Wow. That’s all I could say as I watched Sunday Night Football this past week as the Arizona Cardinals looked great against the Minnesota Vikings. To me it was a statement game for Arizona because no matter what they do they never seem to get any respect from the NFL experts because of the division they play in. This team did win the NFC Championship last year and has potentially one of the best wide receiving cores in the entire game.

I believe this is the right step forward that Arizona needed as they enter the playoffs. The Cardinals will use this as a momentum game that will take them into the playoffs and shake the ground of teams like the Saints & Vikings. Arizona is a good team and an underdog for the most part and you got to think that the Cardinals wouldn’t want it any other way.

1. The Saints comeback and defeat the Washington Redskins:

You know it’s meant to be when you win a game like that. The New Orleans Saints improve to 12-0 on the season after defeating the Washington Redskins in overtime this past week 33-30. It appeared at one point we were looking at an 11-1 team but the Washington Redskins did the best they could to help the Saints stay undefeated.

After missing a 23-yard field goal (not a typo), having Jason Campbell throw to the Saints defense really well and allowing the Saints to drive down the field in the final two minutes for the game tying play; you have to thank the Redskins for doing what they could to help the undefeated cause. Saints win it in overtime and move onto the next week still undefeated. I will be shocked if New Orleans doesn’t stay undefeated in regular season after a game like this.

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