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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 12

Vince Young5. The NFL needs to rethink their Thanksgiving schedule:

Just like every Football fan this past Thursday I sat down with family and watched some of the worst scheduled NFL games on Thanksgiving in some time. I am a Green Bay Packers fan, was happy they were playing on Thanksgiving but against the Detroit Lions!? Why not Minnesota? Then the other game was the Oakland Raiders against the Dallas Cowboys. What was the NFL trying to do? Make us want to eat!?

I get it Dallas and Detroit is tradition but come on give me a break. Those two franchises haven’t been noteworthy in the last decade. I don’t care what you say about the Cowboys – they just aren’t “America’s Team” anymore. Those days are over.

The only game that had promise was Broncos/Giants and that two…sucked. Denver looked great while New York just rolled over and slowly faded away. My suggestion to the NFL next season is to give us a Super Bowl rematch, the two runners up’s from both AFC & NFC Championship games and throw in a GOOD rivalry game. Seriously this should be one of the biggest days of the year for the NFL!

4. New York Giants all but eliminated:

Like I stated up above, the Giants all but rolled over and died this past Thanksgiving. This is not the same the team that started the season 5-0. This is a team with no leadership and is starting to fade away from the NFC East & NFC Wild Card races.

Antonio Pierce, one of the veteran Defensive leaders is done for the season with a ruptured disk in his back. Eli Manning is playing with a potentially bad foot and still hasn’t found a good rhythm with his offense in the last six games. I think it’s safe to say that we can write off the New York Giants this season and wish them luck on finding a big time Wide Receiver next season.

3. The Colts comeback to defeat the Texans and stay perfect:

[adinserter block=”1″]Throughout the day on Sunday I kept checking out the score from the Colts/Texans game and for the most part it looked like the Texans would finally get that win against the Colts that they have been looking for. The Colts would finally lose and we could stop talking about the undefeated season that may lay ahead for Indy. The Texans had looked like they had all but closed it by the first half.

And then the Colts woke up. Led by Peyton Manning and a huge interception the Colts tied it up, and then took the lead from the Houston Texans; never looking back. The Colts improve to 11-0 and are five games away from that perfect regular season. I don’t think Indy will end undefeated but you have to give new head coach Jim Caldwell some props on how this team didn’t fall over & die after the transition from Tony Dungy to him.

2. Vince Young does it again to Matt Leinart, Titans win 5th straight:

This is becoming my favorite story in the NFL and Vince Young is winning over fans every week the Titans continue to win on this great run they have had the last five games. After looking like Matt Leinart would finally get a victory over Vince Young, VY once again drive down the field and wins the game in the final seconds. With the win the Titans improve to 5-6, still in the playoff hunt and winning their five last games after starting 0-6. This is a team everyone football fan has to be rooting for every Sunday.

1. Drew Brees & the Saints look like the team to beat on Monday Night:

In a game many dubbed as a potential “Super Bowl matchup” the New England Patriots & New Orleans Saints took the field on Monday Night. Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints sent a loud message to all NFL teams & their fans…the Saints are here and are dangerous. New Orleans took it to the New England Patriots and in convincing fashion.

[adinserter block=”2″]Drew Brees did something no other Quarterback has done against Bill Belichick…ever. He threw five touchdown passes against a Belichick defense. An amazing feat for sure and even more amazing was that it was to five different receivers.

The Saints now have the better chance of the two remaining teams undefeated this season to stay undefeated. New Orleans is the favorite in the NFC & for the Super Bowl. It’s a team that is good on offense & defense and is by far the best team in the NFL right now

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