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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 10

Chris Johnson5. Titans win 3rd straight game:

All of a sudden the Tennessee Titans have become one of the hottest teams in the NFL. They have won three straight games since Vince Young took over in Tennessee and they continue to keep finding ways to win. While a portion of NFL fans may be rooting against Vince Young due to his past antics over the course of his NFL career, I for one will be rooting this team on to hopefully have a miracle run into a playoff spot.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Titans are a tough team to root against especially if they continue to win. What NFL fan doesn’t want to see a team come over mid-season adversity like a 0-6 start only to make a run at a playoff push? I know I may be speaking a little over my head at this stage in the season and the Titans at 0-6 but you have got to root this ball club on right now. While we all like to joke about Vince Young on his statement of being a “future hall of famer,” I would like to see him make a run at that prediction. For the time being Vince Young, Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans have made me into believers.

4. Jay Cutler throws 5 INTs:

Jay Cutler has become one of the worst Quarterbacks in the NFL. I repeat Jay Cutler has become one of the worst Quarterbacks in the NFL. He continues to make horrible decisions and is starting to lead the league in interceptions thrown. While people at the four letter network want to seem to blame the Bears offense on Cutler’s struggles, the QB himself needs to be blamed.

This Bears team was supposed to be favorites in the NFC after Jay Cutler joined them at the QB helm. Lovie Smith finally got the QB he always wanted in his Bears tenure and Cutler got out of Denver on bad terms. It now looks like Denver made the right move by getting rid of this troubled quarterback. Another bad couple of weeks for Cutler and the rumor mill will start out that Cutler may actually be a flop in Chicago.

3. The Jaguars are above .500:

Just like many headlines I have written in these blogs throughout the season. I can not believe I just wrote that one. Saying it is even worse. This is something NOBODY (including the fans that don’t go to the game) saw coming! The Jacksonville Jaguars are 5-4 and are above .500 on the season in Week 10.

You could see the Jags have a winning record in Week 1-3 but in Week 10!? Who would have thought that would happen. Credit has to be given to Jack Del Rio and the job he does year in and year out in Jacksonville. To take a team led by David Garrard with little offense with the lone exception of MJD is pretty amazing. I don’t see the Jags making the playoffs, but at best they could be 8-8.

2. Bengals sweep the Steelers:

The Cincinnati Bengals are for real. Anyone questioning this team’s ability got a chance to get it tested after they swept the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. The victory has made the Bengals 5-0 in their division and they need only a victory over the Cleveland Browns to go 6-0 in the AFC North on the season.

The Bengals did lose Cedric Benson for some time with a hip injury but did sign free agent running back Larry Johnson for the rest of the season. Cincy is hoping they get a motivated Larry Johnson to supply the same fire power Benson did for the Bengals running game. Should we get the Larry Johnson that was potentially held back in Kansas City and the same running back we saw the start of his career the Bengals could be dangerous. It’s hard for me to make them a favorite in the AFC with Indy and New England. But they definitely are in the Top 3 in the AFC now.

1. 4th and 2:

[adinserter block=”2″]This being the top story from Week 10 shouldn’t come as a shocker to any NFL fan. For the first time in Bill Belichick’s historic coaching career in New England he made a mistake. A mistake that cost the Patriots a game against the Colts in Week 10! Not in the playoffs, nothing on the line at all, just another game in Week 10. Granted it was a huge mistake that made many fans in New England scratching their heads on Monday morning but Belichick took a gamble and the gamble didn’t pay off.

Unlike most teams this mistake will not send this team spiraling out of playoff contention. They will learn from their mistake and will most definitely never do it again as long as Bill Belichick is the coach for the Pats. The game proved that New England is an AFC heavyweight and could even defeat Indy if the two meet again in a playoff matchup.

You just have to tip the hat to Peyton Manning and the Colts for having the strength and know how to get the win on Sunday night. The victory for the Colts is very motivating as they continue their undefeated streak this season and improving to 9-0. The play from Peyton and the Colts shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; this is the type of play we’ve seen from the league’s best Quarterback every single season. As a Football fan, I can only pray to the football gods that we see this matchup again and with a berth to the Super Bowl on the line.

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