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Inside The Wheelhouse – Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 11

Ricky Williams5. Giants finally win a game/Are the Falcons done?:

They started the season with 5 straight wins cementing them as a top NFC power, then lost their next 4 games and looking like a self destructing team. Finally the New York Giants reached back into the win column in Week 11 after defeating the Atlanta Falcons. The win didn’t come without an accelerated heart rate for the Giants fans though as they game went into the proverbial overtime.

The Giants/Falcons game as I wrote it in my Week 11 preview blog was going to be a very important game for both teams when it comes playing in January. The Falcons (5-5) have all but sealed up their fate for the season as they will more then likely miss the playoffs…at best they will be a Wild Card team if they start to catch fire now. It’s sad to see as the Falcons were a team that I truly believe would be a favorite in the NFC.

4. Steelers & Bengals lose shocking games:

When it came to picking games in Week 11 I only missed two games. The two games I missed were Steelers/Chiefs & Bengals/Raiders. THOSE WERE THE TWO GAMES THAT SEEMED LIKE LOCKS! Who would have ever thought that the two AFC North powerhouses would lose in Week 11 to teams that are fighting for the #1 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft!

Both of these teams gave the wins away as the Steelers let Chris Chambers catch a ball and basically walk to the end zone, it was pathetic the way the once supreme Steelers defense allowed a player who’s more concerned with his love life set up a score. It wasn’t as pathetic as the way the Bengals gave the game to the Raiders by returning a ball out of the end zone and letting a Raiders defender just slap the ball out of their hands. I’m pretty sure who ever caused the fumble for the Raiders was playing for the UFL last week, that or he was calling bingo. It was one of the two at least.

3. New England gets a revenge win against the Jets:

In the “who didn’t see that coming” column of this week’s blog the New England Patriots welcomed the New York Jets to New England by reminding them that they were the New England Patriots. You know that team you BEAT in Week 2? Or that team that made a mistake in Week 10 against Indy that caused one of the best comebacks in primetime since Whitney Houston at the AMA awards? (Well Whitney’s comeback wasn’t the impressive but I couldn’t think of anything else)

The New England Patriots started to get the plastic wrapping and champagne bottles ready for the celebration of another AFC East Division crown as they continue to pull further away from the once competitive division. All that is truly left standing is the Miami Dolphins and no telling if the defending divisional champs can make another run at the crown. What people are forgetting right now is that this Patriots teams is pissed, they aren’t the top dog in the NFL right now and are going to do everything from here on out who “runs the NFL.” Watch out folks.

2. Welcome back Ricky Williams to the NFL:

People have fallen in love lately with the comeback story of Vince Young the last four weeks and how couldn’t you after the way VY has played week after week since getting the starting role back. Well we may be on the verge of another amazing comeback story as Ricky Williams had an absolute huge game against the Carolina Panthers on a game not many watched because they didn’t have Direct TV. Either way Ricky Williams reminded us (especially Mike Ditka) of what could have been when he first entered the NFL.

I don’t know if Tony Soprano offered Ricky some of the stickiest of ickiest if he could take this Dolphins team back to the playoffs now that Ronnie Brown is on the IR. But Ricky was heavily motivated scoring two rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown. He was “smoking” the Carolina Panthers after Thursday’s game was all said and done! (Enter wacky morning zoo effects here) Either way welcome back Ricky Williams, please keep it going…you’re on my fantasy football team.

1. Lions vs. Browns = Best Game in Week 11:

In the most prolific game in the 2009-2010 NFL Season that wasn’t shown on TV the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions played for the opportunity to have the #1 draft pick in April. It was a loser takes all battle. A game that without questions was the best game in the entire Week 11, not because of who was playing (seriously what did you think I was smoking?) but because of the way both teams played.

It’s no question that both of these teams are desperate for a win. You would be two if you hadn’t seen a win since the last meteor shower but that’s what it is like when it comes to be a Brown or Lion player and now it’s even safer to say that the Cleveland Browns are by far the worst franchise in all of football right now. The reason being is their lack of head coach in Eric Mangini who comes from the very lackluster Bill Belichick’s School of Hard Knocks. It looks like Eric will eventually join the list of “students” dismissed from their jobs (again in Eric’s case) just like Romeo Crennel and soon to be Charlie Weis.

The most positive thing that came out of this win was that the stars must have been aligned as Brady Quinn played like most people thought he would in the NFL and Matt Stafford became an iconic hero in Detroit as he won the game on an actual separated left shoulder. I think it would have been cooler if it was on his throwing arm but that’s me. Either way Browns/Lions was the best game in the NFL in Week 11 and the Lions won. It was nice to see for once.

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