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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Championship Weekend Thoughts

Drew BreesOkay so I want to do this in 20 minutes because I’m exhausted. Just some quick hits on championship weekend…..Is it possible that we could resurrect the act of stoning just for the guy who insists on putting that retarded robot on the side of every Fox graphic? Seriously, how did it ever get this far? We hate promos. But throw in a graphic of a down syndrome robot in shoulder pads doing the electric slide and not only do we hate the promos but we now hate you. I’m trying to see the replay of the 47th Adrian Peterson fumble and instead they’ve got the tart bot playing air guitar during a promo for “Human Target”. I’ve got a great idea for a human target: You Mr. Patronizing fox producer…..

[adinserter block=”1″]………..Has Challenger the bald eagle landed yet? During the national anthem of the Colts/Jets the fine folks at Lucas Oil Stadium decided to bring in Challenger, that past it’s prime bald eagle that used to fly to the pitchers mound before playoff games at Yankee Stadium. It was a post 9/11 patriotic deal where they’d finish the anthem release the bird and he’d do a b-line to his handlers arm atop the mound. The crowd loved it. That is until two years later when old Chally started pulling a Super Tramp and taking the long way home. He’d circle the mound, fly over the backstop, take a dump, you name it. It actually became a distraction from the anthem so they stopped it. Well there I was watching the conclusion of Francis Scott Key’s song (talk about a one hit wonder, what else has F.S. Key ever written) and in comes Challenger. At first I didn’t know if it was planned or if he was still flying from game 6 of the 2003 world series. Sure enough the handler was on a stage and sure enough Challenger flew right by. Stunner! If you tivoed the game you will see that they tried to stay on him for the landing but ultimately went to commercial when they couldn’t get him to land…..

…..How about this stat for Brett Favre: 2007 Packers Last pass INTERCEPTION
2008 Jets Last pass ” ”
2009 Vikings Last pass “yup, you guessed it”

If your like me your not wondering how his last throw of 2010 will turn out your just wondering what team he’ll be playing for when he throws it. It’s time by the way for all the greatest QB of all time talk to stop with this dude. Admire him for his grit, his competitive fire, his cannon arm, and his incredible durability, but stop insulting our intelligence and referring to him as the best ever. Especially not when Archie’s kid is playing 2 channels over, IN HIS PRIME. Favre isn’t in the top five of all time.

If you’re wondering that list looks like this:
1. Montana
2.(and Climbing) P. Manning
3. T. Brady
4. Elway
5. Marino

…..Did Boomer Esiason die? I was watching him on the air yesterday and wondering who was the corpse, him or the person applying his makeup. He looks like weekend at Boomer’s. Dude we know Carton is grating as hell but geez, Boom. You look like an old southwest ad “want to get away”

[adinserter block=”2″]….Who are the best fans in the world? Everybody who wins a championship, or a disputed one (hello NCAA football) thanks their fans who are “the greatest fans in the world” In the past 6 months I’ve seen the Yankees do it, the Crimson Tide do it, Jimmy Johnson do it, Peyton Manning do it, even Jim Tressel after the Rose Bowl. But only one of these guys can be right. Maybe we should have a battle royal to figure out just who should lay claim to the moniker. For my money, I take Jimmy Johnson’s fan’s because Nascar Fans get off on “Future Weapons” on the Military Channel. Well that and a certain former Governor of Alaska

…….Any moron out there who doesn’t believe in “momentum” in sports should have to watch the Colts final first half drive and then tell me exactly what that nine letter word was that EVERY MEMBER OF THE JETS DEFENSE USED IN DESCRIBING WHAT THAT DRIVE DID FOR THE COLTS GOING INTO THE LOCKER ROOM. If the players believe in momentum, why don’t some fans? Maybe you can define the way the world works while your holding a controller and pressing the R1 button or the analog stick but in the real world of big boy sports there are real things that impact a game. Such as: Momentum. I’m not saying it’s the only factor. It is “A” factor. But sometimes it just seems like the only one.

……and by the way lets kill all the “Colts shouldn’t have benched their starters in the last two weeks” talk because the same people bitching that they didn’t try for perfection would be the same ones calling for Jim Caldwell’s noggin if Peyton were to get hurt during either of those games. Period. It was, no pun intended, a no-win situation for Los Colts….

……….I’m calling a sex tape for Snooki from “Jersey Shore”. Assuming the show will keep her relevant for another year, I set my over under at 18 months. Place your bets.

………Take heart all ye Jet Fans. It was a season of immense progress. I’m not talking the birth of a franchise qb or a couple of playoff wins either. Last week, for the first time in my 33 years I caught people pretending to be Jet Fans. As in, it was cool to say you were a Jet fan. Tell me that aint a big leap foward!!!

………….G’night Ned. G’night Ned. (what movie for extra credit)

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