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What’s Randy Orton’s Importance to the WWE after Win at TLC?

The following is not a paid public service announcement form the WWE, but if you had not noticed, Randy Orton was the right person to win the Unified Championship last night. The company made the right decision in putting the strap on the lead heel instead of letting John Cena parade around with it. A loss by Superman just means he takes on the “Sting” role of this company and fights the establishment with his jorts and t-shirts instead of a “crow” duster and baseball bat in hand.

[adinserter block=”1″]The next 12 months of the WWE will be more about Cena possibly changing some of his ideals to fight he very company that helped to make him the superstar and millionaire he is today.

There were plenty of hits and misses last Monday night at TLC, but the end, entertainment reigned supreme. The fact the only title to “change hands” means the company has bigger plans for the current title holders, minus some tricks up its corporate sleeve at one point or another.

You have to figure both Orton and Cena (and others) will be in the thick of all those changes.

I actually liked TLC once I watched it. I thought the majority of the matches were better than expected, the drama lived up to the match between the two main event competitors and Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan delivered as always for the fans. Here are some observations.

The controversy with The Shield now becomes evident because of a “spear” and a loss. Is this evolution all over again with Triple H and Batista? At some point, the WWE will need to figure out what to do with Dean Ambrose and the United States Title. Maybe the company goes back to the brand it used to be and retires the belt, which means Ambrose and E. Langston or whoever has the belt around the Royal Rumble had better be one hell of a challenge for the unquestioned leader of the Hounds of Justice.

The quest for a real challenger for the Tag Team Title begins as well. Cody Rhodes and Goldust cannot hold the straps forever. I figure it is only a matter of time (Royal Rumble) before the Rhodes Brothers start beating the hell out of each other. We saw a glimpse of that at the Royal Rumble last year. It should have happened already.

AJ Lee has gone through every challenger in the Divas Division and after 183 days with the strap, she truly has made the division her own. I guess at some point, she will piss Tamina off enough to cause her body guard want to take a swipe at he and the title. This looks like Shawn Michaels and Diesel all over again.

Punk and Bryan cannot be left in the mid card and fight the same wrestlers night after night. They are too talented not to be part of the heavyweight title picture.

I am not sure why, but I really love the Kofi Kingston/Miz feud. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that great battles are not always fought over a title. Kingston and Miz won’t have this kind of intensity forever and the WWE is doing right by showcasing hem like this.

I do not agree with the WWE’s decision to leave the strap on Langston last night and have Damien Sandow job for him. Sandow should be one of the five or six top wrestlers in the business.

And speaking of jobbing, where the hell has Dolph Ziggler fallen to? Wasn’t once the World Title? C’mon, man.

[adinserter block=”2″]Well, that’s enough for now. I would love to hear your thoughts, and then some.

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  1. And on Punk and Bryan, why do people not consider main eventers just because they aren’t currently getting a title shot (Bryan dus last night) there’s only one WWE World Title they can’t both be going after it every week. Just let them entertain.

  2. I don’t see anybody writing about how the midcard and tag division is taking shape. Last night was a great display pf the tag team division and the fact thst Brodus Clay is looking like a future singles star (King King Bundy comes to mind watching him) shows they are putting an effort in. So lets stop focusing on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan like they are the only two relevant guts not holding a title. Pleasssssee.

  3. Last night was probably the furst time un something like 5 or 6 years I actually enjoyed Orton and he did multiple times during the show. Mayve he’ll finally live up to expectations. So much better then taking the easy route and turning Cena heel…Lazy wrestling fans.

  4. David, you almost did it! You almost wrote an article without sucking off Sandow. But you just couldn’t. You had to give your man crush props.

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