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Looking For The NXT WWE Star

WWE The MizOnce there was WWE’S version of ECW, now there’s WWE NXT. It will showcase viewers to the best wrestlers available in Florida Championship Wrestling. Each wrestler will be tutored by a WWE Superstar. The question is will this program be successful?

In 2001 WWE started a TV show very similar to this one. Anybody remember Tough Enough? Tough Enough had random guys and girls who’ve had some experience or have wanted to be a wrestler to be given a shot at a WWE contract. The first three years had a pair of winners, with the last edition having only one winner. So in total seven people of been crowned ‘Tough Enough.’ The wrestlers are Maven, Nidia, Jackie Gayda, Linda Miles, Matt Cappotelli, John Morrison and Daniel Puder. There have also been also been wrestlers who have been eliminated and not crowned winners but did receive a WWE contract. They include Shad from Cryme Time, Matt Morgan, Melina and The Miz. The results are mixed, nobody other then John Morrison has had success. I do consider Matt Cappotelli a success because he was doing a great job in Ohio Valley Wrestling when he was diagnosed with cancer. Shad I can’t say he’s been a success, I’m leaning towards not. Matt Morgan was suppose to be the next big thing but is now in TNA. Melina and The Miz along with Morrison are without a doubt the best wrestlers to come out of Tough Enough.

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s been less than six years since we last saw Tough Enough, now WWE has came up with a new idea. The new idea is to bring in development talent from FCW and have them be tutored by a WWE superstar. The pros as they are known will help the rookies develop their characters, mic skills and performance skills.

If I were to compare Tough Enough to NXT, I’d say I like the NXT format better. First off all of them will be put on Smackdown or Raw at the end of the show. These wrestlers are actually somewhat prepared to go to Smackdown or Raw unlike most Tough Enough participants who have even the hardest time holding onto a WWE contract. Also I already know who a few of these wrestlers are. Daniel Bryan AKA Bryan Danielson from RoH is one of the rookies on here and I can’t wait to see what he does in NXT. He’s a great technical wrestler and I’ll be interested to watch him and see what he’s like in the ring and what his mic skills are. There is also Skip Sheffield aka Ryan Reeves from Tough Enough 4. I’ve heard a little bit about Heath Slater but I don’t really know much about him. Other than those guy’s I’m not sure really who any of them are. So I’ll be finding it interesting to find out what their wrestling talent or whatever is.

Now with the pros I am interested to see for the rookie they tutor will they tutor them to their style? I’m really interested in seeing the pair of Daniel Bryan and The Miz. I’m wondering with the Miz will he make Bryan a cocky type of character like himself. That will be the same case for all the wrestlers. Some other questions I have what will be taught to the wrestlers as far as wrestling moves. Like will Bryan be able to still go with his technical wrestling background? I don’t know how things are handled in FCW; my biggest question is with Daniel Bryan. Does his style fit the WWE style on TV?

[adinserter block=”2″]In the end I believe this show will help WWE finding new stars. There have been multiple guys who have come to Smackdown or Raw who were said to be the future of WWE but did not make a boom in WWE. They include Brent Albright, Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra and Johnny Jeter just to name a few. Each one of these wrestlers will be taught by some of the best wrestlers in the business. There are so many questions to be answered on what will happen with the rookies. Time will tell if this idea/show is a success.

The following list is the ten rookies and their tutors:

Daniel Bryan & The Miz

Darren Young & CM Punk

David Otunga & R-Truth

Heath Slater & Christian

Justin Gabriel & Matt Hardy

Michael Tarver & Carlito

Skip Sheffield & William Regal

Wade Barrett & Chris Jericho

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