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What’s next for John Morrison? – Inside The Wheelhouse

Melina and John MorrisonThe very first blog I wrote for the Camel Clutch Blog back in June 2009 was dedicated to a wrestler who I believe was going to be a future mega star in the world of wrestling. He was compared to greats like Shawn Michaels and was referred to as a “main event waiting to happen.” That wrestler was John Morrison, the most recent wrestler to let his contract expire with World Wrestling Entertainment.

When you look back at Morrison’s career in the WWE it will be nothing more then someone who had a world of potential but never cashed in on being the top star he was poised to be throughout his time in the WWE. Morrison had his chances, held Championships, main evented big pay-per-view’s (SummerSlam 2010) and had good matches time in, time out. But it looked like that he may have let his personal life dictate his career.

What really went on with Morrison’s real-life girlfriend (maybe ex-girlfriend) Melina, himself and the WWE can be debated. So many reports tell us that once Melina was released John Morrison may have revolted and “checked out” on being a WWE superstar. You’d have to believe those reports to be true since he never really accomplished much soon after Melina was released.

[ad 6]At that time he was coming back from injury and was ready to be in a feud with R-Truth, who at the time was one of RAW’s best heels. It looked like the feud would be an upper mid-card feud and something that could help elevate not one but both wrestlers to the top of the card had they had a great feud. That never cumulated, R-Truth was pushed and John Morrison kept losing on RAW & on WWE Superstars. All was not good for the “shaman of sexy.”

Efforts to make Morrison a star again may have been too little too late as he had a United States Championship match on one of WWE’s biggest pay-per-views of the year, the 2011 Survivor Series and was even getting wins on RAW. It lead to debates on whether or not he was back in the good graces of the WWE & back on track to receive a push yet again. It would all go for naught as Morrison would lose to Ziggler at Survivor Series and his exit from the company was just weeks away.

Now the question needs to be asked: what’s next for John Morrison now? The easy answer is to say he will show up in TNA but I just don’t see that happening as it appears that his exit with the WWE was on good terms. I think Morrison will enter the same category as guys like Batista and Chris Jericho in that they are just walking away from the business to pursue other aspirations.

It’s been rumored that Morrison wants to take up acting, I’m not necessarily sure if that’s a good idea by some of the times I’ve seen him cut promo’s but more power to him. But unlike Batista and Chris Jericho his return to the WWE won’t be the same to the fans if they returned as if he returned.

What do I mean by this you might be wondering? His time clock on a return being meaningful to the WWE fan base is on a much shorter rope; for him to make a meaningful return to the WWE he needs to return to the company anywhere from 3-6 months. I even think if he were to return to the WWE next year it wouldn’t mean anything except maybe a “hey look Morrison’s back on WWE TV” type of reaction. For a wrestler, any wrestler, you don’t want that type of reaction.

Morrison’s stock is as high as it’s going to be right now. To me it’s very similar to the time when Daniel Bryan was fired from the WWE, wrestled on the indies for like 2 months and returned to the WWE come SummerSlam, whether or not that was legit or not is anyone’s guess but his stock was also in a shortened window based on how the WWE built him. If Morrison wants a future in wrestling and more importantly the WWE, he has to have a plan in place now to make a return anywhere for the next 3-6 months.

And how about taking to social networking and getting that fan support. Morrison has been very critical of how he was used by the WWE the last couple of months on his own twitter that he can be that “internet wrestling hero” fans always seem to look towards. He doesn’t have the “machine” of the WWE backing him right now but he can use his own self promotion to make himself meaningful for that return to the WWE to ever happen.

I believe John Morrison can only be successful if he were to be in the WWE. If he is even thinking about TNA all he has to do is watch their programming every week. The WWE stars that were similar to him when he they left (Mr. Anderson) aren’t as successful as they are in TNA then they were in WWE despite having a World Title run here or there. If Morrison wants to burn any bridges and never return to the WWE then TNA would be his spot.

[adinserter block=”1″]Lets face it John Morrison can and could have been a future World Champion had he kept his head on his shoulders & not let himself want to fight the business. Now he is without a job, something he strangely appears to be happy with and no future (for what we know) in sight. It’s sad to see someone with a world of talent not really execute his full potential, on a smaller scale it reminds me of when the WWE fired Jeff Hardy years ago and he went to TNA in the mid-2000s. You knew Hardy had something to give to the business but he just never tapped into it, something eerily similar to John Morrison right now.

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