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What’s next for Bobby Roode and Eric Young After TNA Wrestling

Well, things just got a little more interesting. TNA Wrestling has lost not only one former wrestling great, but two as both Bobby Roode and Eric Young have asked for their releases from the company and will essentially become free agents in this business.

There is too much talent for both wrestlers to be working in another promotion post hast – whether it is in Japan, ROH or potentially NXT or WWE.

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Marc Middleton of wrote a story on the news that undoubtedly will shock the business and have fans scurrying where each superstar will land. TNA issued a statement about the news that will further cripple the fledgling company.

Impact Wrestling has come to terms on the release of veteran wrestlers Bobby Roode and Eric Young (Jeremy Fritz). Bobby and Eric have been valuable members of The Impact Roster since 2004 and we wish them nothing but the best in their careers going forward.

Bobby had this to say earlier today, “To the guys and girls I got to work with for the past 12 years, Impact Wrestling, the office and everyone associated with me getting to live this dream, I say thank you. It is time for me to move on to the next chapter in my life. This has been amazing.”

Eric Young had this to say. “Thank you. Thank you to everyone who watched me for the past 12 years. Thank you to Impact Wrestling. I wish everyone here nothing but the best going forward.”

What Roode and Young mean to this business and fans like myself, is a commitment o the past, a belief in wrestling from the purest standpoint and a thought that older NWA and AWA values still exist in a generation of pyrotechnical egotism. Roode, like Samoa Joe and now AJ Styles before him, belong in the circus from Stamford and the best of my ability, I am not sure why that has not happened as of yet.

Roode now has the moniker as the “Best wrestler to have never wrestled in WWE.” His work has a snap to it, his demeanor and his presence reminds me of a younger Arn Anderson or Magnum TA. While other performers have come and gone, made their way to other promotions were TNA originals.

I have had a belief for some time the continual loss of long-time veterans to this roster sets up nicely for the McMahon’s and WWE, but it hasn’t been explored. While Samoa Joe and Austin Aries are part of XT, James Storm has been in Orlando in matches but is still committed to the TNA brand and Styles is the new sensation of the parent company, there is great opportunity for a “takeover” angle with Roode and Young joining the movement, maybe with a little help from Paul Heyman or better yet, bring James Mitchell to spice things up. And while I am at it, maybe Kurt Angle jumps in and joins the cause.

WWE for the longest time viewed TNA as the red-headed step child of this business and never gave it much thought – thinking it could survive on its own without “intervention.” Now, WWE would be crazy not to think of how these superstars, especially Roode and Young, can bring more viewers to the company and away from the old standard of TNA.

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It was once said WCW made the biggest mistake of its promotional career by firing Steve Austin. The former tag team partner with Brian Pillman and former United States Champion went on to become one of the 10 greatest characters of all time. He also became one of the greatest performers of all time. Roode could be in that same ballpark. Young is better than many think and the clock is ticking on a decision to WWE. The company should jump now – even if it is to see them in an NXT ring.

Some promotion is going to sign these two greats, why not the biggest and best in the business. If Styles and Joe are worth the gamble, than there shouldn’t be any reason why Roode and Young aren’t in a WWE or NXT ring in your city in the near future.

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