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What WWE WrestleMania 32 Could Have Looked Like with Zero Injuries

WWE WrestleMania is without a doubt the biggest event in the professional wrestling world. So when it comes around every year, the biggest names roll out and deliver the biggest matches in front of the biggest crowds.

Unfortunately, this year, the biggest names are all injured! The likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Sting, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Sheamus, Nikki Bella, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara and Wade Barrett will probably not be there due to injury. It is an insane number of injuries as you could probably put a WrestleMania card together with those names alone and now the WWE are frantically trying to put the WrestleMania puzzle back together without them to deliver the best show possible.

(As long as they don’t put Braun Strowman in a single’s match, I’ll consider that a good show)

But what could the best possible WrestleMania 32 look like, disregarding all of the injuries?

Well let’s all get sad for what could have been, because this is it.

The Undertaker vs John Cena

The Undertaker’s final match should have been the main-event of WrestleMania and it should have been against the biggest possible name and that’s John Cena. Unfortunately, unless Cena makes one of his trademark spectacular recoveries, this isn’t going to happen. This would be the perfect way to close The Undertaker’s career, but unfortunately we might never get to see these two in the ring together at WrestleMania.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Seth Rollins (c) vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

This one books itself. The Shield triple threat may not have been the path they were going to take, but it’s certainly the most interesting title match possible. It’s a match three years in the making and Seth’s title run should have culminated where it all started. Reigns would probably be the victor, but the spectacle of these three truly becoming the faces of the WWE going forward would have been cemented here.

No Holds Barred Match

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

Lesnar seems set to take on either Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman at WrestleMania which just doesn’t feel big enough. Wyatt and Lesnar would be an underwhelming match and Strowman is certainly not ready for a single’s WrestleMania match. Orton and Lesnar are two names that haven’t crossed paths since Lesnar returned and we all know that these two could put on one hell of a match. Throw in the No Holds Barred stipulation, which Orton has mastered, and they could steal the show.

Triple H vs Bray Wyatt

This could work in a number of ways. The first way being with Bray and the Wyatt’s turning face and going after The Authority and you can set that up by having The Authority cost Bray a match in order to protect their champion, Seth Rollins. From there, Bray and his brothers can hunt Triple H and the rest of The Authority right through to WrestleMania. You could also turn The Authority face, but that would be tricky with Rollins coming into WrestleMania as a heel champion. Other matches that could work in this slot are Sting versus Bray Wyatt, Cesaro versus Triple H or a match involving Chris Jericho. It just goes to show how much depth is in the WWE roster right now without injuries.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day (c) vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy

This one could definitely still go ahead and is unaffected by injuries. You’d set this up by having The New Day defeat The Usos, The Social Outcasts and The Dudley Boyz in a fatal 4-way match at Fast Lane. They can come out the next night and gloat about having defeated every team on the roster before being interrupted by Enzo and Cass. The thought of these two teams going at it on the microphone is worth the price of admission alone. The New Day deserves a big match at WrestleMania and they deserve an awesome entrance too.

AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

Does anything even need to be said about this match? I didn’t think so.

WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat Match

Charlotte (c) vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

This one is also unchanged and it’s probably the match that will benefit most from the injuries. These three talented women will probably be given much more time on the real WrestleMania card than they would be on this stacked card. This is also far and away the best possible women’s match they could do at this year’s WrestleMania and Charlotte must drop the title to either Sasha or Becky. 2016 will be a cornerstone year for the women’s division.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Kevin Owens (c) vs Sami Zayn

Zayn eliminates Owens from the Rumble and instead of returning to NXT, becomes a full-time part of the Raw roster, hunting his former best friend who put him on the injured list for so long. They should have a match at Fast Lane with Owens retaining one way or another, culminating in a WrestleMania rematch. In this non-injured universe, Owens never dropped the title to Ambrose and has held it since Night of Champions.


United States Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Kalisto (c) vs Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler vs Neville

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This would be a good way to warm the crowd up and a showcase for Kalisto as champion. Kalisto should retain in order to build him as a credible champion and this can be the start of Neville turning heel, giving him some more relevancy.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

In the same vein as last year, have an NXT superstar earn the right to be in the match and have that be Samoa Joe. This should also serve as a farewell for Mark Henry who should be in the final three of this match, before being eliminated by a heel Samoa Joe. Cesaro, however, should win and become a two time winner. This should be the beginning of Cesaro being launched to the top.

Unfortunately, the WrestleMania card will not looking anything like this, but hopefully they still deliver a great show.

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