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What we thought “PRYOR” to today may not matter

Terrell PryorCould this story really be true? Is it possible that the fastest player, on one of the fastest teams in college football, is the QB? Well folks this one you have to read to believe!

Word out of Ohio, Buckeye land, is that starting Quarterback Terrelle Pryor ( yes Penn State fans, THAT Terrelle Pryor) is running 40-yard dashes at the alarming speed of 4.33 seconds! Here is a quote taken courtesy of

His [Pryor’s] 40 time was a speedy 4.33. Sophomore receiver Lamaar Thomas said he ran a 4.37 and no one else ran under 4.4 when the players were timed early this summer. “I’m not so sure he might not be one of the fastest guys in the conference,” OSU coach Jim Tressel said of Pryor. “I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Our other guys aren’t slow.”

Ok so what is the big deal in all of this, well there are 2 VERY big deals.

First of all it would revolutionize the QB position as we know it forever! Michael Vick never ran 40’s at this such a rate. Vince Young was clocked as running 4.58 in his college days. Pryors numbers are on the same wave as very elite WRs and RBs. For a QB to have this such ability would make him down right impossible to stop on a scramble, and pray to the gods of defense if he can actually throw passes and read defenses! Pryor would make a McNabb or a Vick rollout look like taking a knee.

The second concern is that Pryor is weighing in at about 235 pounds. This also makes him bigger then most NFL safties and corners, and ranks him in the class of some linebackers. Is it possible that this kid is not only the fastest football player in the land, but the fastest MAN in the land? Could someone really move 235 pounds of human flesh and bone that quicky?

His 40 times have been quoted as being “a hair faster then Usain Bolts first 40s turned in at the 2008 Olympics” ? Are we really looking at the kid who sold his soul to play football at such a miraculous rate? Only time can tell us the answer, but you better believe every ‘backer in the land would now love a shot at him running down field.

The story caught my interest because I deemed it as impossible from the first word of it. I watched Pryor in action a few times last year, and while I think he is going to be a special player, I don’t see him being as well rounded as the man he is always compared to, Vince Young. Nor did I see blinding, superman-type speed like what is being discussed here.

Of course through the magic of twitter, and internet technology, and all walks of life that we now rely on as “true source”, we should have either our answer, or hundreds more crazy allegations coming in the next few weeks. No matter what all the rumors may say there is only one true way to find out, and thats coming to a TV near you every Saturday from now until January!

Hey is it too early to draft him in a fantasy keeper league?

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