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Kevin Nash firedKevin Nash has been (storyline) released from the WWE via Triple H on RAW this past Monday Night and also “future endeavored” on WWE.com for all to see. The “release” on WWE.com prompted many to wonder if he was actually in-fact released from the company or if it was a storyline, if you went with storyline you got that question right.

With all the recent Kevin Nash release hoopla from the WWE and without a single match under his belt during his brief time back on the main roster, one has to wonder…what was the point of bringing Kevin Nash back?

I have always been a Kevin Nash fan. While he may not be the greatest wrestling booker in the world (i.e. “Finger poke of Doom”), he has been a pretty entertaining talent in the world of wrestling the past 15-20 years. Sure you aren’t going to get a 5-star match out of the big man but the guy was still very entertaining and very influential in the landscape of wrestling during his time. But when he came out at the end of Summerslam 2011 and powerbombed CM Punk I had to wonder one thing, “um why is he back?”

I won’t lie I was intrigued with Kevin Nash coming down to interfere and cost CM Punk the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Idea’s of reformations of the Kliq or the road to Triple H/CM Punk being built on the night was something I was looking forward to. Then I watched the next night on RAW…

Kevin Nash, in his prime, was pretty good at cutting promos. He’d be witty, he’d be arrogant, and he was entertaining. All of which he wasn’t when face-to-face with CM Punk in a promo battle.

Sure it had been sometime since Kevin Nash had a live promo battle since he did work at TNA for the last 7 or so years but he looked inferior to CM Punk’s remarks. I don’t know if it was Kevin Nash was rusty or that the creative team’s script for Nash was so bad. Either way it just didn’t transcend well on the screen, especially the whole “text” fiasco that started this whole thing.

Then it appeared we were all lined up for Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk at Night of Champions when at the end of another edition of RAW we saw Triple H cancel the match and shotgun himself right into he & Punk at Night of Champions. A match that if they continued to build correctly, the fans would want to see in a couple months or at a big PPV (Survivor Series, Royal Rumble or maybe even Wrestlemania 28). Instead we get in September 2011 at a mediocre WWE PPV at best.

But why was the Nash/Punk match cancelled in the first place? Turns out the WWE doctor’s saw something in Nash’s physical that prompted them not to clear him (yet) for his return to the ring. Thank god that they kept an eye out for Nash’s health, but don’t you think this is something that should have been addressed before they brought him back and built up a feud between he & one of the hottest stars in wrestling?

Common sense says yes, but it appears WWE gambled on Nash passing some physical and being ready to go. Sadly that wasn’t the case for a guy in his 50s and someone who had a heart problem scare while with TNA. I’m being slightly sarcastic in my comments here as WWE should have done this check before getting so invested in this storyline.

Finally the icing on the cake is Triple H “firing” Kevin Nash on RAW and WWE.com running a “release” story on the website days later. Fans wondered if it was legit and as suspected, it was not. But what reports did say is that Kevin Nash is currently filming a movie and the company doing the movie didn’t want Nash to get hurt so they had him removed from WWE storylines…for now.

So that begs the question why bring back Kevin Nash in the first place?

The move to bring him back for the time being didn’t work at all and weeks after it started they had to cancel his match & remove him from storylines. I guess the WWE really did make the decision during Summerslam weekend to bring Nash in. Either way, there is a little yoke on the faces of the WWE from this whole entire situation as it appears in the long-run they have hurt the star power of CM Punk slightly and also killed any anticipation for a big Triple H/CM Punk encounter which would have been intriguing if built correctly as it was going.

Maybe the WWE should have reached out to Sean Waltman first…

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