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What To Make Of Lebron’s Game Four In Dallas

The Miami Heat are cooling offThere was a lot that happened in game four of the NBA finals. The Dallas Mavericks won the game 86-83 over the Miami Heat after another late comeback. Dirk Nowitzki put on a show in the fourth quarter after struggling through the first three, while Jason Terry answered the criticism that he has faced with a much stronger effort in game four.

[adinserter block=”2″]But after getting over the way that the Mavericks responded in game four, and the fact that the finals has now become a best-of-three series, there is a much bigger sports betting bonus storyline that came out of game four as a matter of personal interest. Lebron James finished the loss with just eight points despite playing all but two minutes of the game, the worst postseason performance of his entire career.

While some were quick to dismiss the game the same way that James did as just a tough offense performance as he concentrated more on the defensive end of the floor and his outlook as a facilitator, the truth is that there are also some that feel as though he checked out in game four. After reviewing the game it is clear that there may be more to his play than simply a tough sports betting bonus performance, and while it might not be politically correct to accuse him of tanking purposefully, it is hard to find an explanation ahead of the 2011 Belmont Stakes betting race.

After all, less than an online sports betting week ago there were comparisons being made about Lebron and Michael Jordan in a debate over which the better player of all-time was. But if James is considered in the same class as Jordan, then how could he possibly have managed to put up just eight points on the game’s biggest stage with the opportunity to move to within one win of clinching his first NBA championship. After all, in Jordan’s worst offensive performance in the playoffs he still managed to score 22, so what is there to make of the 14-point disparity?

[adinserter block=”1″]Lebron has struggled in the past, but never this much, so why was he so incredibly passive with the chance to make the difference in the game? It would be one thing if he was taking the game to the Mavericks and not getting the job done, but this was more of a pay per head choice than it was poor play. So then why would he choose not to play his best game with so much on the line?

There are those that think that Lebron chose not to perform at the highest level because he wanted to prove his worth beside teammate Dwayne Wade, who got the bulk of the credit in Miami’s two wins, as well as those that feel there is jealousy brewing between the two sides. All eyes will be on Lebron to see how he responds for the remainder of the series, but the fact is that his game four performance will not be forgotten as fans try to make out what exactly happened for the superstar’s eight-point performance.

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