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What to expect on 2.21.11 RAW – Inside The Wheelhouse

The Undertaker is scheduled for 2-21 RAWWe are hours away from the big reveal the WWE has been pushing on programming the last three weeks as 2.21.11 will finally happen tonight on WWE RAW. As soon as the first vignette of 2.21.11 happened the wrestling world was buzzing, which is exactly what the WWE wants to accomplish when they do a vignette like this.

Immediately and naturally so, the internet world put the reveal onto two specific wrestlers. Sting and The Undertaker.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves, cause I’ll be honest with all of you. I really want it to be Sting on 2.21.11, but I know deep down inside my wrestling fan of a mind, I know it’s going to be The Undertaker. Sting being part of the reveal on 2.21.11 is way too good to be true.

[adinserter block=”2″]While it’s still possible he could show up on RAW tonight (more on that in a bit), I won’t put my money on it. I have been letdown in the past by the WWE and I plan on being letdown again when The Undertaker’s gong echos throughout the arena. Despite the huge surprise of The Rock on last week’s RAW I don’t see another surprise coming out of tonight’s show.

Even more so the vignette’s show The Undertaker’s face in them and him walking around inside. Basically saying that it is him, while all signs point to The Deadman’s return tonight on RAW it could lead us down to another path and something else.

The 2.21.11 angle is going to setup The Undertaker’s storyline for WrestleMania 27. We know The Undertaker is behind the vignette no matter what. So stop with the pipe dreams people! It’s The Deadman.

Revisiting what I talked about in the earlier part of the blog let’s look at who or whom could be taking out or challenge Undertaker to start the path to one of WrestleMania’s Main Events. Because one way or another we will know where the WWE is going with their longest tenured star after Monday Night.

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Triple H This makes the most sense from a buyrate standpoint and when you look at the grand scheme of things, buyrates at WrestleMania is what it is all about. The WWE will base the rest of their year on how well WrestleMania does, if it’s in the positive then 2011 was a good year, if it was in the negative then 2011 was a bad year. This is a PPV in April folks that basis the rest of the year for the company, that’s how important this is.

From a storyline standpoint it makes no sense whatsoever as I have stated many times in my blogs. Triple H was taken out by Sheamus while The Undertaker was taken out by Wade Barrett. So what do you? You have them both return to take on each other at the biggest PPV of the year? That’s TNA booking right there.

But none the less this is a WrestleMania Main Event. These two haven’t been in the ring probably since their last WrestleMania encounter 10 years ago at WrestleMania 17. So the WWE has kept both of them off from feuding for almost 10 years, pretty impressive.

But why don’t they plant something later in the year and plan for WrestleMania 28 instead? Give the match the proper build rather then the throw it together and let it roll like they may be planning. The WWE has done it before with big matches (Rock/Hogan) and it has worked, but these circumstances are different.

Use Triple H (vs. Sheamus) and The Undertaker (vs. Wade Barrett) to put over young talent at WrestleMania 27. Combined with John Cena (vs. The Miz) it can be a PPV used to help push the WWE in the next generation and serve as a WrestleMania for “passing the torch.”

Wade Barrett – Like I said before this makes the most sense. The Undertaker was buried by Barrett, Nexus and Kane at the Survivor Series. The purpose of that angle was to originally prepare us for a WrestleMania build when The Deadman returned from injury. It could help put Barrett over as a future star in the company.

Barrett is a natural on the mic and starting to become a better in-ring worker. He had one of the best years in the WWE and wasn’t even on the Main Roster in January. It was very impressive to see him climb as one of the best heels in the company in 2010.

Granted he slipped a little bit at the start of 2011 but a feud with the most respected wrestler ever to grace a WWE ring will help mold him into a future mega star. Putting him in a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania is just the same, if not bigger then, a World Title match at Mania. This is what this young star needs to push through in 2011.

Sting – This dream match has lost a lot of momentum and steam the last couple of weeks, something the WWE may have been hoping for all along. Sting could have signed a deal with the WWE like some reports said, if he wasn’t going to be involved with the WWE I would have figured he’d re-debut in TNA by now, which he hasn’t. Some people say he has signed with the WWE, some say he has signed with TNA, some say he hasn’t. Either way it has become one of the favorite Dirt Sheet mysteries of the last month or so.

Sting could show up on RAW and attack The Undertaker setting up a Dream WrestleMania Match. He could end his career on what I would define as a “high note” by being in the WWE. But I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

Sting has been very vocal and respectful about not going to the WWE and not seeing his legacy destroyed. Granted some may argue TNA has done more damage to Sting then the WWE could ever do, but he doesn’t see it that way. He’s in his 50s and doesn’t need to work anymore, him going to the WWE would be just more of a career accomplishment, something he really has never spoken desiring over.

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE did surprise us with The Rock last week and could surprise us again this week with Sting. If the WWE did such, they would have already knocked WrestleMania out of the park and beyond. The WWE would be sitting on top of the world if they were able to deliver such surprises like this in two straight weeks.

I’m holding out little hope that it could happen, but my better judgement tells me to guess otherwise.

Kane – The Undertaker left in storylines at the hands of his brother. His brother was the one that took him out in June of this year in the storylines. Kane was the one that dominated The Undertaker on every PPV from August till November. It would also make sense for The Undertaker to get revenge on his brother Kane.

But we’ve seen The Undertaker/Kane song and dance at two other WrestleMania’s and they really weren’t anything to speak about except for maybe the first encounter at WrestleMania 14. If Undertaker were to return and set his sights on Kane it would almost be an exact duplicate to their buildup for WrestleMania 20 when Kane took out his brother at Survivor Series in, guess this, a Buried Alive match.

The internet and the smarks would tear such a storyline apart going into WrestleMania 27. While I don’t see it happening and being the longshot out of all these names, I wouldn’t put it past the company just yet. There has to be some sort of Kane involvement with The Undertaker the next couple of weeks you’d have to guess.

2.21.11 has gone down as a vignette that has gotten people talking, to a vignette that has people wondering. One way or another we will better understand the path of The Deadman as we get closer to the Georgia Dome and WrestleMania 27. One thing is for certain The Streak will be tested again, but against whom is the better question.

More to this mystery will be solved tonight!

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