What the WWE 2016 Draft Taught Us

I’m not really good at foreshadowing these kinds of things, but in the back of my mind I believe the win by Dean Ambrose over Seth Rollins on Tuesday night spells the end of Rollins’ run as WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion. Call me crazy (as many have), but the fact both Roman Reigns and Rollins are now on Raw and Ambrose has been drafted to Smackdown spells the end of the Lunatic Fringe’s run as the company front man.

I’m sure the news makes the McMahons – at least some of them – very happy campers.

WWE’s Draft did everything it was supposed to do in terms of exciting fans, prop ratings and make us all hopeful for a solid if not spectacular next five months. Now that there are new rosters and plenty of questions to be answered, who if fit to lead the company into this next chapter of wrestling life?

For the betterment of business, it has to be Rollins. For the betterment of Vince McMahon’s ego, I still say it’s Reigns. Where Ambrose fits in all of this is still a mystery, however watching he and Rollins on Monday and Tuesday night proves once again the John Cena era of this company is shrinking like sand through an hourglass.

If he walks out as WWE champion at Battleground, I’ll be as stunned as anyone who watches the pay-per-view.

I think it’s safe to assume (there I go again setting myself up for trouble) that the WWE Draft was the best way to usher in the new era of this company, but at the same time it opened the door for plenty of controversy.

What is the reasons behind splitting up The Club and The Wyatt Family? Should Cesaro have been sent over to Smackdown? Can John Cena capture a world title wearing the blue instead of the red? What happens to Kevin Owens? Most of all, how will WWE handle Brock Lesnar with his current situation of alleged doping and failed drug tests?

These are questions that deserve answers and set up nicely for the best reality program on cable television. I figured Stephanie and Shane McMahon would have already been at each other’s throats by bow – much like Kanye West and Taylor Swift. It’s nice to feel like wrestling matters again, and no this is not a pay public service announcement from TNA.

I’m not totally sold on the mid card title matches – The Miz and Darren Young and Rusev and Zach Ryder, but I see what WWE is doing here. I see change. I see taking chances. This company is in the best position it has been since the Attitude Era and will continue to flourish if innovation finds its way back to Monday and Tuesday nights. I know “if” is a big word, but the other word – failure – is not an option. Just so you know, the clock is ticking and we are all waiting to see just when Triple H re-emerges from the back to defend his wife’s honor, most likely at Survivor Series.

There are only a handful of days remaining until Battleground and then a few week build until SummerSlam. This year is moving at a freight train’s pace. All of it is well and good and we are finally seeing some signs of life from the creative team. Thank goodness, it’s taken too long.

Let’s take a wait and see approach with the newness to everything and hope Sunday night doesn’t disappoint. I’m not ready to drink the Kool-Aid just yet, but I think sipping a little bit of the sweet stuff is alright until we know what happens once Battleground ends and the road to SummerSlam kicks into high gear.

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