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What The Universal Championship Fatal Four Way Told Me About The Current WWE

Kevin Owens Universal Champ

Over the years we look forward to specific matches that will change the course of the WWE for an upcoming timeframe or even generation. Last Monday night’s fatal four way match had that potential. I looked forward to match to see who would win and what direction the WWE will go. This match occurred due to the unfortunate shoulder injury to Finn Balor who had to vacate the title. Injuries are the norm in professional wrestling. Injuries can’t stop the normal course of business that is the WWE. Last Monday’s was a prime example of this scenario.

This match was important because the eventual champion heads into September and the fall season as champion while competing with Monday Night Football. It’s the time of year where I and other wrestling fans click back and forth to watch both shows. I enjoyed the opening banter of the four combatants at the start of RAW; Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Cass, and Seth Rollins. My heart wanted Owens to win but my brain expected Rollins would win. The heart won over the mind which was why we’re told not to do. This match was the exception and the right choice. I wish Owens won it cleanly but we’ll get more details next week as to why HHH got involved. HHH’s interference was symbolic by almost literally picking the winner of the match while interfering in Reigns and Rollins’ path to victory.

It was a good match overall. The vibe and energy of the match and crowd was hot. It felt like a main event match you’d watch on pay per view. The four competitors had their own symbolism along with the way each wrestler was eliminated. Big Cass is the new guy that needs more seasoning before he really contends for a title. He admitted he’s never won a title but that will change as time moves on. Roman Reigns was eliminated next. He’s the guy in the gray area of mid-card status to occasional main eventer.

Seth Rollins for now seemed to be chosen one who would become champion again only to get screwed by the one who carried him. Maybe the Summerslam match against Balor was a red flag to HHH in particular. Maybe Rollins might not be that guy to lead RAW into the next few months leading into the 2017 season. He will become champion again but the fear of Rollins injuring Balor, his third wrestler he’s injured that also included John Cena and Sting.

And then there’s Kevin Owens. The heel fans give legitimate heel heat for him despite the “You deserve it!” chant at the end of the show. Ever since his debut in the WWE, Owens’ matches have been entertaining. I’ve said it numerous times that Owens has the combination of skill, speed, great mic work that dates back to wrestlers in the attitude era.

The irony of HHH interfering and help Owens win the title shadows the fact that Owens does not need a manager nor does he need to be led by a group like The Authority. Whether he does join The Authority remains to be seen. One thing is for sure is the right person won the match last Monday night.

I have full confidence in Kevin Owens can carry the title heading into the fall months and possibly longer than that. The decision does come from the top brass and bookers but this is where the same people should watch Owens in action and listen to the crowd.
So congratulations to Kevin Owens! You deserve it! Let’s hope you carry that belt well.

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