What should WWE do with Shayna Baszler?

Shayna Baszler WWE

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Shayna Baszler use to be a UFC fighter that turned her attention to the wrestling world. She is 2 years in to the wrestling industry and is making a name for herself with her MMA based wrestling. To some this may seem like a change of worlds but to her it’s really nothing to it. She has said over and over again that she is more skilled then most competitors mainly because of her background in martial arts. If you haven’t watched by now then you really should go and watch, Shayna Baszler dominated the Mae Young Classic all the way to the finals. In the finals she lost to Kairi Sane but had one great match after nothing but criticism from the universe on social media. The question that remains to some is what should WWE do with Shayna Baszler?

From the way she carries herself and wrestles I say WWE signs her immediately. Shayna has all the potential to be a really good heel in the women’s division. A lot of people were saying that she can’t wrestle but she has a lot of potential to be great and the plus side is that her move set has a lot of holds and limb attacks which could be perfect for her persona as a heel. Train her on the mic if you want but I don’t think she needs much as she was able to make people hate her just by being herself. Seriously just look at the way she choked out Johnny Gargano wife and then turned to him and started disrespecting him. She is a pure heel at heart.

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I know that they had a rivalry being built between the Four Horsewomen of wrestling and the Four Horsewomen of MMA but rumor has it that they have stopped scraped everything for that story. WWE seems to be at war with the MMA world and they should take this to their advantage to bring in more fans from that world. They need to take her MMA background and her confidence that no one is better than her because of it and use that to drive her as a heel in the company. MMA fans will love her and die hard wrestling fans will hate her because they will feel she is completely disrespecting the business.

According to Sportskeeda Shayna was backstage this past week at the NXT taping. She did take pictures with fans and didn’t work the taping. She has stopped taking independent bookings and from the way it looks WWE is really working into signing her ASAP. They may even push her up to the main roster sooner rather than later. Whether that has to do with the officials bringing life back to the WWE Horsewomen vs the MMA Horsewomen or not we will have to wait and see but personally I hope not. Her future can be right in that company and she could possibly be one of the greatest heels this company has ever seen if they go that direction and I think they should.

Hate her or lover her she deserves to be in the WWE all I can do is hope that they do not drop the ball with her and actually build her up properly. Everything about her just says heel and with more experience she has potential to be one of the greatest and one of the few to ever come from the MMA world to the wrestling world and dominate. I feel like she should also be the first Paul Heyman women. We all know Brock is set to leave after WrestleMania 34 and we don’t know what will be next for Paul Heyman but taking Shayna Baszler under his wing will be awesome. Only time will tell what we will see next out of “The Queen of Spades” and I can’t wait to find out. Her future is bright and she has a lot of room to grow. If Asuka goes on another streak on the main roster eventually if WWE doesn’t decide to let Kairi Sane (I always thought she would be the one) end the streak Shayna Baszler should be the one to do it.

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