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What Should Be the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Feud for WrestleMania 33?

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When it comes to women’s matches at WrestleMania, everyone is talking about the prospect of Sasha Banks versus Bayley 3, but what about the SmackDown side of things? The smaller of the two women’s divisions, SmackDown has done a far better job in terms of developing each of their competitors and it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for the blue brand’s Women’s Championship.

This is how I would book it:

So, before we get to the feud for WrestleMania 33, we have to figure out how we’re going to get there. The person to carry the division for the remainder of 2016 should be Becky Lynch. Plain and simple, just keep the title on her. However, there needs to be one key theme – she needs to retain her belt against everyone. Between now and the Royal Rumble, have Becky defeat Carmella, Naomi, Nikki Bella, Natalya and Eva Marie in title matches, making her the undisputed champion.

As 2016 draws to a close and the Royal Rumble approaches, Becky needs to have a sit down interview with Michael Cole and explain that her dream is to be a champion at WrestleMania. She failed at WrestleMania 32, and now she can taste it.

So along comes the Royal Rumble and you can have one last big match between Becky and Nikki Bella with Becky’s mindset being if she beats Nikki, surely she’s earned the right to be SmackDown Women’s Champion at WrestleMania. Lynch does in fact retain and points to the Mania sign in her celebration.

The next night on SmackDown, Becky cuts a promo about how she’s beaten everyone and is ready to achieve her dream of being a champion at WrestleMania – keep her humble because she’s staying face, but give her the confidence to talk herself up. Out comes Shane McMahon who tells Lynch that unfortunately she isn’t quite there yet. There’s still quite a while until WrestleMania and he needs her to defend her title at the final SmackDown exclusive pay-per-view before WrestleMania, Fast-Road-Lane-Block-Whatever. Becky is confused because she’s beaten everyone on the roster and Shane tells her that next week will be a SmackDown women’s division Royal Rumble match and the winner will get a title shot at Fast Block. The Rumble will feature all six members of the roster, a returning star and two special entrants from NXT. If an NXT star is to win, they’ll be granted a SmackDown Live contract.

So the next week arrives and it’s time for the Rumble. Becky sits on commentary and out comes entrant one (Nikki Bella) and entrant two (Carmella). Considering their feud was so prominent in 2016, it makes sense to feature it in the Rumble. They go at it for 60 seconds before entrant three (Natalya) comes out. Natalya and Carmella double team Nikki, but are unable to eliminate her in the time frame. At number four, out comes the first of the NXT entrants, Liv Morgan. Liv helps Nikki and evens the odds for the faces. Entrant number five (Tamina) comes out, returning from injury and uses her size to take control of the match, but still no eliminations just yet. Entrant six (Naomi) hits the ring and gets the first elimination of the match, tossing out Carmella. Tamina takes down Naomi, going after her former partner, before everyone else in the match gangs up on Tamina and eliminates her. Entrant number seven (Alexa Bliss) comes out and eliminates Liv Morgan. Nikki Bella eliminates Natalya and we’re down to three with two entrants left to come. Out comes Eva Marie at nine, taking 40 seconds just to reach the ring before being clotheslined straight out by Nikki Bella. Bliss sneaks up and eliminates Nikki while she’s looking at Eva and we have Bliss and Naomi staring each other down as the buzzer goes off for the final competitor. The lights go out and Asuka’s music hits. She slowly enters the ring, Bliss and Naomi staring at her from the other side, not sure what to do. She enters, smiling. Alexa charges at her but is immediately kicked in the head and eliminated. Naomi takes a more cautious approach and the two go back and forth for a few minutes before Asuka eliminates Naomi and wins the Rumble.

Another part of this should involve Becky going absolutely silent from the moment Asuka’s music hits. She should not say another word on commentary. When Asuka wins, Otunga brings up Becky’s silence and she removes her headset and stands up as Asuka stares her down. JBL mentions that Becky’s probably as shocked as the rest of us.

So Becky Lynch versus Asuka for the championship at Road Lane is confirmed. Another quick side note, Asuka must come up to SmackDown STILL the NXT Women’s Champion and still undefeated. Like Paige before her, she should be stripped of the NXT title because she’s now on the main roster.

The next week comes along and Naomi comes to the ring saying she understands she lost, but she’s still never had a proper match at WrestleMania and would do anything for another chance to get into the match at Fast Road. As she’s speaking she’s cut off by a familiar voice – Paul Heyman. He struts down to the ring and informs Naomi that she lost fair and square last week, but he’s willing to give her a chance… If he can beat his new client tonight on SmackDown, she can join the match at Road Fast. Asuka’s music hits and Heyman pulls the ropes down to help her into the ring. Heyman tells Asuka to make an example of her and exits the ring.

Asuka beats Naomi in less than four minutes by TKO with a stiff head kick. Heyman gets back into the ring with a smile and whispers something in Asuka’s ear. Naomi struggles to get back up to her knees while a doctor enters the ring to assess her. Asuka looks at Naomi for a second before viciously kicking her for a second time. This cements Asuka as a heel and with Heyman as her manager, she will become a massive draw. Becky sprints to the ring and Asuka stands her ground. Heyman beckons for her to leave the ring and she does. Becky goes to check on Naomi.

The build from there is quite simple. Asuka is undefeated and in only one match on the main roster, has put Naomi on the shelf. Shane tells Heyman to rein her in as he doesn’t want any more injuries, but Paul tells him that he can’t (won’t) control her and that nothing is going to stop Asuka from ruling this division with an iron fist.

Becky’s side of things remains the same. She wants to take a championship into WrestleMania and she is not going to let anyone stop her. Shane McMahon comes up to Lynch backstage and tells her she needs to beat Asuka at Block Lane, otherwise he doesn’t know how they’ll stop her from causing complete havoc. Becky is annoyed because this whole mess is Shane’s fault to begin with.

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The pay-per-view comes around and Asuka defeats Becky comfortably to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Book the match to be almost-but-not-quite as one sided as Lesnar/Cena from SummerSlam. Asuka is now the champion and looks unstoppable.

From there, you set the rematch for WrestleMania. Asuka is in the dominant heel position with Heyman cutting her promos and Becky is back to fighting from underneath, where she excels. The story is simple. Can Becky, or anyone for that matter, beat Asuka and on the grandest stage of them all the rematch goes down.

The dominant heel versus credible babyface feud will differentiate itself nicely from Sasha/Bayley and a proper 10 to 15 minute match between Asuka and Becky could even surpass their RAW counterparts.

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