What Lita’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction means to me


I started watching wrestling in 2000, but back then, I really didn’t have a favorite WWE Diva at the time when I was watching. At first, I would root for Tori (Kane’s on screen girlfriend at the time) because I thought her kissing X-Pac was a cute idea until I was told by my dad that He was the bad guy and Kane was the good guy. I didn’t care unless I had someone to root for, but eventually, my like for Tori would phase out. I would try liking the likes of Jacqueline, Chyna, The Kat and other divas at the time, but there was one diva that stood out to me the most and that was Lita.

[adinserter block=”1″]At first, I thought Lita and Essa Rios were the same person because they were doing the same moves on Essa’s opponent. I actually thought they were twins as well because they both looked alike as well, but as a nine year old, I didn’t know any better. When Lita and Essa Rios split and when he attacked her, I asked my mother what is Essa doing to Lita. My mom, who was going to school at the time and trying to make sure that my brother and I had a roof over our head as we were going through a serious rough patch in life. She didn’t know what on earth I was talking about at the time, but I guess it was understandable what she was going through, but it was a couple of weeks later, where Stephanie McMahon-Helmsey through out a challenge that she needed a challenger for the title it was when my like of Lita would begin. I remember Stephanie going into the Locker room while the women were changing and all of them would scream as soon as Stephanie would come in. I remember telling my mom to let me stay up to watch this match. Of course, Smackdown was on Thursday and it was a school night, she was hesitant, but considering that Smackdown was on at eight and my bed time was not till 9:30 at the time, she allowed me to watch the match.

I remember Lita being the last one out and she came out to a style that made her stand out the most with her sports like bra and underwear that would stick out of her pants. It was not the style that made me like her right away, it was the determination that I liked from her and the fact that she showed no fear in the match. I was happy that Lita won the match and I liked the fact that she challenged Stephanie. I was not a big fan of Stephanie and liked Lita challenging her right away, but it was Tori that attacked her before Lita would actually have a match against her. Right away, I went from liking Tori to hating Tori for attacking Lita to make sure Stephanie would keep the title. From there, Lita was my new favorite and had a goal as well. While going through that hard phase at the time with my mom trying my best to keep a roof over our head, Lita was someone I would look forward to every Monday or Thursday night and begged my mother to let me stay up, just to see her and watch her on TV until she was done for the night. That’s when I went to bed.

Over the Summer back in 2000, My mother, my brother and myself moved from Tobyhanna to Clifton Heights, PA. During the time where we moved, I didn’t have television to watch RAW and see Lita on TV as well. My new house also didn’t have internet at the time because we were getting that installed as well, but it was the same weekend that my brother and I were going to my dad’s for two weeks for a little vacation. The first Monday that my brother and I were there, I finally saw Monday Night Raw with My dad and my brother as I was semi caught up. From there, I saw Lita and was very happy to see her again, but it was not something I would expect. Lita was pushed through a table by Trish Stratus and I just remember screaming at the television until my father told me to calm down. I remember calming down, but was still kind of ticked off that Trish pushed her through the table. I also remember Lita rolling off the stretcher onto Matt Hardy as she said that she was going get that b****. I liked that from her and actually repeated it at one point. My dad told me it was not nice to say. Over the course of the two weeks I was there with my dad, I became more and more attached to Lita, but was upset because I had to leave New York to head back to my new home where I once again, had to ask permission to stay up. It was hard because I wanted to see Lita and plus I had a bed time at nine which made situations worse there at the time where I couldn’t see her. I was also very upset not seeing her win the Women’s Championship from Stephanie and had to get some updates from my dad when he would call to see what Lita did. I was happy, but was kind of sad that I did not see it at all. It was either obey the rule of the bed time or be grounded to have the bed time be a little earlier.

When I started a new school in the new school year, it was very hard fitting in and sharing my likes to see what other girls would watch wrestling as well. While most of them did, I would hang out with the boys of the class, which all of them did watch Wrestling and I asked who was their favorite and see if they liked Lita. They said they did as I told them I liked her as well. Most of the girls in my grade thought I was a lesbian because I liked Lita when really, Lita was someone I actually looked up to. I started doing my hair in clips like Lita did and I started to act more like her when it came to playing outside of school even though I was doing clotheslines instead of the ranas and moonsaults. I developed a tom boy like attitude like she did. Around the house, I would actually wear my pants low like she did until I was told to pull them up or I would be in trouble for acting like that, but I didn’t care. Lita was my hero and was someone that I was looking up too, but my hardcore liking of her started to bloom when I was starting to get bullied in fourth grade and while looking at my laptop calender, this is the same week that the bullying which lasted to eleventh grade would beginning. (I don’t know how I remembered it, but I just remembered that it was this week). I would attend school and become bulled by my classmates and if it was a Monday or a Thursday, I would count down the hours until I was home to actually see her and when she was on doing those days, my eyes were glued to the television until I had to go to bed. As soon as my fourth grade year was ending, my dad bought two cats and named one of them Lita because of my like of Lita. I wanted to see the new cat along with the other cat named Chyna and if everyone wants to know, those two are still alive to this day and I’m thankful that they are.

In 2002, I was really upset that Lita didn’t win the Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 18, but was even more upset when I found out that Lita suffered a serious neck injury where she had to be out for a while. During the time, Trish Stratus was blooming and I was trying to get into her, but it just didn’t feel right with her being out for a long time, but was happy that Lita was on Sunday Night Heat doing commentary as I was tuning into that on Sundays all the time, but it was in late 2003 that Lita came back and I was really excited for her return. Kind of like me during my seventh grade year as I was developing a new style as well like she did. I also remember seeing her first match back on RAW because I had com cast cable at the time and was missing the show she came back at to wrestle. I liked her match and was glad that she was getting the push when she was returning, but over the time, I felt like she needed something because her face run was starting to get a little bit stale.

In 2004, I took a little break from wrestling, but was watching it a couple of times due to the fact that I was going through a hardship as a teenage girl and that I was taking up sports in Middle School to help me get out there and become more social, but I was checking up from friends to see what Lita was up too. During the summer, I would watch RAW and see a storyline with her, Kane and Matt Hardy where she ended up “pregnant”. I’m not a big fan of pregnancy story lines and did not approve of this one. I wanted to see Lita in something different and maybe help the younger generation of girls in the ring during the time and maybe turn heel. I was a little relieved when the storyline ended and Lita was getting ready to come back and when she came back with her first match against Trish Stratus, I was happy that she broke her nose and did not want to take her crap anymore. I was happy to see that because it was the same thing I wanted to do to a fifth grade rival who threw balls at my head and threatened to hit me over the head with a lead pipe as well as doing the same to the girl who threatened me right after gym class. I was also very very happy that Lita won the title from Trish Stratus in the main event, but was worried that she was hurt again from her neck. I was really happy that she was champion and back on top, but it was New Years Resolution that I was very upset again that she was hurt and once again, I had to see who would I like along the way. When she returned I was happy, but was not happy that she was paired with Christy Hemme, but she was injured and really couldn’t do that much.

Now I’m going to jump a bit to Lita’s heel turn. I wanted her to turn heel because like I said before, her face run was getting stale and it appeared that the fans turned her heel due to the fact with the saga with Matt Hardy and Edge back in 2005. While I was unsure about the heel turn to begin with when Lita turned her back on Kane in a match to align with Edge, but over the time, her heel run was awesome and she ran with the ball. She became more sexual and more of a rule breaker and I was glad that she was able to get in two more title runs before retiring in 2006 in Philadelphia. Even though I didn’t like how she went out in 2006 with Cryme Tyme and her basically humiliating her as well. I felt like it left a hole in my heart and hoping that she would come back at some points. She would make a one off appearance in 2007 with Trish Stratus and the both of them beating up Jillian Hall as well as the backstage segment with Kane. From there, I wanted her do more appearances instead of Trish Stratus. I can get Trish Stratus has accomplished a lot, but it would’ve been good if Lita would appear. I was also devastated to find out that Lita did not take apart of the battle royal, but thankfully she didn’t because that match was horrible to begin with. Over the course of time, I was wondering if Lita would be introduced into the hall of fame. Watching and watching every year to see if she was in, I was really paying attention to the 2013 one, but found out that Trish was being inducted. While it’s deserving, I wondered if Lita would follow and go in as well. I didn’t think of it until the beginning of this year. While seeing who was going in with Jake the Snake and Ultimate Warrior. The big question was for me and everyone else that wanted to see Lita go in.

Last night, while sitting on the floor and watching to see who would be in the Hall of Fame, I leaned in and when I saw Lita, I went “OH MY GOD” as I saw Lita finally getting what she deserved the most and that was being in the Hall of Fame. My inner instinct was trying my best not to mark out, but inside, I was marking out. Seeing this promo and my mom saying that she missed her. I sat there and watched. I was finally happy that someone that I idolized, someone that I named my cat after and someone I looked up to when I was being bullied, is finally going into the hall of fame. I know I wrote an article back in this year about deserving divas being in the Hall of Fame. While I know there are a lot of divas that deserve to be in the hall of fame which I agree on, I feel like Lita is the right one to go in right now.

[adinserter block=”2″]The 2014 is going to be a Hall of Fame to remember. I will be watching the show on the USA Network if they are still playing it due to the WWE Network. As a fan of Lita and me not being there to watch the HOF live, I will still celebrate her being in the HOF as much as any Lita fans that are not going to Wrestlemania.

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