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What is WWE Going to do With Brock Lesnar?

What does Brock Lesnar do now that he lost his chance at the WWE World Title, lost his chance at defeating and retiring The Undertaker and has no real opponent in the near future?

He sits back, collects a paycheck and does little else until WWE writers can figure out what to do next with The Beast Incarnate. Right now, that doesn’t appear to be a lot since there is no wrestler who stands out of a crowded locker room to challenge the company’s baddest commodity in a program that can make as many dollars as it can make sense.

[adinserter block=”1″]For the first time in as long as I can remember, the WWE really does not need a powerhouse like Lesnar, mainly because his size and his schedule present issues for booking and for competition. There are few on the current roster fans would want to see get in the ring with Paul Heyman’s client and believe the work as if it were real. We all know what has happened when CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H and Undertaker have gotten in the ring with Lesnar before SummerSlam. They all were taken down.

With Night of Champions on WWE’s next stop on the pay-per-view trail, every major star looks to be locked into a match – leaving both Lesnar and Heyman in the dark. There will be no return match to decide the war that wages between Lesnar and ‘Taker. Cena, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Ryback will all be in action in other matches.

Now, fans will sit back, watch and hope for better days ahead. No one is going to jump at a chance to be on Lesnar’s dance card, but should WWE want to make things a bit interesting, they might want to look at these future opponents for the biggest, baddest ass on the company’s roster.

STING – Just like Lesnar’s match with Seth Rollins was a bridge to another program with Undertaker, could Sting’s match with Seth Rollins become the program that leads the WWE World Title back to Lesnar?

The theory is simple. Sting beats Rollins, and then is confronted by Lesnar on Raw Monday night, setting up a program for the title. Sting is not a long-term solution for a title reign. This makes more sense the more you think about it.

Hopefully, WWE writers are thinking about it as well.

SETH ROLLINS – If Rollins beats Sting, the likelihood of a three-match program is unlikely. Cena’s chances are slim. Ryback is not a contender and Randy Orton will not be a popular choice with the fans.

Watching Rollins make a return to Suplex City makes sense and could be a solid three-match program to end the year. Besides, any chance you get to see Paul Heyman in a war of words with Rollins, is well worth the price of admission.

CESARO – If there is a wrestler in the back who could hold his own with Lesnar and possible out-perform him, Cesaro might be the guy. Both have a connection to Heyman, which makes this more than interesting.

If there is no chance for Cesaro to make a main event appearance and challenge for the WWE World Title, this might be the next best thing for him. His recent work with John Cena and Kevin Owens proves how really good this guy is in the ring. Fans might not like the idea, but it could be much better than we all think.

RYBACK – At some point, Ryback is going to find a competitor who can take him to the brink of disaster. Lesnar presents that challenge.

Putting the Intercontinental Title on Ryback looked like a good thing and a step toward a push for the Big Guy, but it has stalled and so has his career. Dropping the strap but pushing forward with Lesnar might help revitalize his career and could be an entertaining brawl for all to witness.

BRAY WYATT – I might be the only person who has thought of this.

Lesnar is not a cerebral guy by any means, and Heyman does his bidding. But what if Wyatt is able to get under the skin of arguably the coldest cat in the building? Sparks would fly. Wyatt’s shtick is just enough to mess with Lesnar’s mind and give everyone a program the likes we have not seen before.

[adinserter block=”2″]Very underrated if it were to happen.

KEVIN OWENS – I doubt he would be asked to do the honors, but Owens and Lesnar should happen at some point. No point like the present.

Owens has been vocal in the past about working with Lesnar. He has been seen by many as a Lesnar-type of performer with better agility in the ring. Can this be the launch pad Owens needs to reach super stardom?

Owens has looked great in the programs with Cena and Cesaro. This is just another notch in his resume if this happens.

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