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What is TikTok’s Gauntlet Challenge and How to Report It?

It’s being called the most disgusting challenge on the internet.

Challenges and trends are the easiest way to make people use your platforms and invest time in them. With the increasing popularity of TikTok, it has become harder to inspect every material that floats in there so in the end, it comes down to the users to report any content that is harmful or disturbing.

Speaking of disgusting, one such challenge has recently regained its momentum after a long time and it’s also being called one of the nastiest challenges in TikTok’s history. The Gauntlet Challenge is something that is driving its watchers insane and considering the different age groups that are present on the platform, it is upon us users to report such harmful content.

So what exactly is the Gauntlet Challenge and how can you report any content related to it on TikTok? Here is everything we know about it so far:

What Is the Gauntlet Challenge?

Gauntlet Challenge stems from a website called Run the Gauntlet which features some of the nastiest and most disgusting videos to ever exist on the internet. The website’s introduction is: The Most Vile, Puke inducing, Hard to watch Videos on the Internet.

The website plays a series of videos but only allows you to jump to the next video once you have watched the current one completely. The creator of the website goes by the letter G. The Gauntlet Challenge also involves watching that series of videos.

The challenge challenges the user to visit Run the Gauntlet where they have to watch many disturbing videos. The challenge consists of watching a total of 20 disturbing videos however, the next video to come is always worse than the current one.

The challenge tests how long can the user keep watching the video without getting creeped out and pausing. As soon as you pause it, the website prompts you to share your progress with your friends.

How to Report?

The internet has been in an uproar because of the frequent popping up of this challenge and how it can severely affect the people with weak hearts or children of different age groups. Not only that, the videos are disgusting enough to mess with the mind of an average adult.

With that in mind, such content on TikTok must be reported by the users and any such user promoting this content must be banned. Here is how you can report such content on TikTok:

  • In the options menu at the right corner of the video, click on “report”.
  • From the list of options that pop up, click on “Violent or Graphic Content”.
  • Click on submit

If you want to report the account sharing disturbing content:

  • Visit the profile of such user.
  • From the options menu on the profile, choose “Report”.
  • Select “Posting inappropriate content”.
  • Then choose “Violent and graphic material”.
  • Click on “Submit”.

The TikTok team will monitor all reports by users and if found true, any such disturbing content will be deleted and users will be banned from the platform.



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