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What Is TikTok Under Review and How to Fix It?

Don’t you just hate it when you carefully prepare a video to upload with great aspirations and hope for a lot of reaches, but all of a sudden something happens that does not let your video get uploaded. This incident has been happening a lot on TikTok where users are being affected and frustrated by “under review” messages.

TikTok has become extremely vigilant in the last few years with the videos that are uploaded on its platform. This is due to the number of controversies rising due to disturbing or inappropriate videos which led to TikTok scanning everything very harshly. But because of that, most of the time the video which follows proper guidelines also gets caught.

Many users have reported the frustration of the “under review” message which is not letting them upload their video. Today we tell you what the problem is and how can you fix it. Here are the details:

What Is the Issue?

Thousands or even more videos get uploaded to TikTok regularly and some of that content does not follow the guidelines or is plainly inappropriate content. The workforce at TikTok is not enough to review every video out there so they have designed automated trackers which flag any video which potentially violates the guidelines.

If you get messages like “Video under review and can’t be shared”, then that basically means that your video has also been caught by those trackers and flagged as inappropriate. So if you are being hit with that message then it means your video has been flagged potentially due to violence, blood, misinformation, or a sensitive topic.

Even if you are very careful with the content, it can still get flagged even after your video has gone live and started getting views. The video that has been flagged will be checked by a human employee who will confirm if it’s inappropriate. This process can take time depending on how popular you are on TikTok as they might prioritize users with higher reach first.

How to Fix TikTok Under Review Issue?

You can make sure of the following things to avoid the “under review” message on your video:

  • Always make sure that your content is appropriate and follows proper guidelines.
  • Always check that the music you are using is properly licensed.
  • Do not perform spam activities or post videos that reflect violence or controversial or insensitive themes.
  • Never violate TikTok’s community guidelines.
  • Don’t upload content belonging to another creator.

As of now, it is unsure if this problem is a bug or not. You can try restarting the app but don’t delete the app because it will also delete your drafts. If the issue lies in the app then you can only wait for it to be fixed.

If your content still gets flagged after following all guidelines, then you can only wait for a human employee to check your content and greenlight it. Or you can report the issue under the support button and the support group will handle it.



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