What Is the NGL App: Why Is It Trending and How to Use It?


Send anonymous messages to your friends!

In today’s world, being anonymous is a thing of luxury because almost all of our actions on the internet are constantly watched and it is not possible to do something while not revealing your identity legally. In such cases, people tend to rely on third-party apps to hide their identities.

If you are a frequent user of Instagram and if you keep up with the latest trends, then you might have come across the abbreviation NGL. You might have seen it in a link form on people’s stories, which would redirect you to another page if you clicked on it.

This NGL app apparently lets you send anonymous messages to people and it seems to be trending a lot right now. And if you are also interested in knowing what it is or how to use it, then keep reading.

Here is what we know about the NGL app and how to use it:

What Is the NGL App?

NGL is an anonymous Q&A application extension for Instagram which allows users to send anonymous messages to each other. Despite being a sort of extension to Instagram, the NGL app is a third-party application. But seeing how it’s trending among users, it does not seem to have any issues regarding security.

Although the NGL app might be new, however, the NGL abbreviation has been around for quite some time. NGL stands for “Not Gonna Lie” and is a popular online slang. The app was released in November 2021 by a group of developers in California however it was only recently that it started trending.

How Does the NGL App Work?

The NGL app needs to be downloaded externally and once it’s downloaded; it allows the users of Instagram to post a link to their story through which your followers can send you anonymous messages. The app also allows your followers to answer questions that you put up in your story.

While it’s near impossible when it comes to stay anonymous on social media, apps like this come in handy when you have to send a message or convey your thoughts privately. NGL will let the users share their thoughts and opinions personally and the one receiving it won’t be able to tell who sent it.

How to Use the NGL App?

To use this app, take the following steps one by one:

  • Download and install the NGL app from an app store
  • Open the application and provide your Instagram handle when prompted
  • A link will be generated, copy it
  • Open Instagram and paste this link into your story
  • People can touch this link and send you anonymous messages

The NGL application is free to use however you can get some additional features by paying a fee which will allow you to recognize who is the sender of the anonymous message.


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