What Is Spotify Karaoke Mode and How to Use It?


Let’s see what the latest update has to offer.

Everybody likes music and there’s always a piece of particular music out there that is to someone’s liking. And not just listening, we all want to sing along with our favorite songs sometimes too, to let the emotions out or just enjoy the vibe. And to do that, you go around finding a karaoke track everywhere.

But no more, because what if we were to tell you that all the karaoke tracks of your favorite songs can be found in one place? That’s right, Spotify has rolled out a brand new karaoke mode in its latest update which allows the users to sing along to their favorite songs.

Keep on reading if you want to know more about the latest update of Spotify and how to use it. Here is everything we know:

What Is Karaoke Mode?

The latest feature on Spotify dubbed by users as “karaoke mode” is exactly what it sounds like. The new feature will allow all users on Spotify to access the inbuilt karaoke feature and sing along to their favorite tracks.

Once the users are in this mode while listening to a song, the lyrics will show up on the screen line by line like the ones on a karaoke machine. But this time you will not be judged by the audience at a karaoke bar and you can sing your heart out. You can, however, ask Spotify to tell you how you performed.

This latest update has become a huge hit among users and many positive reviews are showing up all over social media. And why wouldn’t it be, since a feature like this is suitable for gatherings, house parties, and as well as for when you’re alone.

How to Get the Karaoke Mode?

The latest feature by Spotify has already started rolling all over the world and if you still have not received it yet then we’ll tell you how. To get this feature on your Spotify app, you need to go to the app store you downloaded Spotify from and just update the app.

This feature is available with the free version of the app as well so you don’t need a premium subscription to use it. However, if the feature still doesn’t show up then it would be suggested that you wait since the update has just started rolling out so it might take a while for it to show up everywhere.

How to Use Karaoke Mode?

Once you have updated your Spotify app to its latest version, take the following steps to start using the karaoke mode:

  • Find and pick a track of your choice
  • Start playing the song
  • Scroll down till you find the lyrics section of the song on your screen
  • Click on the “sing” option shown at the top right corner of your screen

This should activate the karaoke mode and now all you have to do is to start singing. Once you have finished, a score card will be generated by Spotify which will tell you how you performed.


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