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What is Heardle? The Pop Music Spinoff of Wordle

It’s like Wordle, but for music.

No no, I did not spell Wordle wrong, I know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure someone woke up one day and was like “why is there no Wordle game for songs?” and that is how Heardle was born. Or created.

The world hadn’t had enough of Wordle and its spinoffs already started surfacing on the internet, some popular ones being Octordle,  Quordle, and Nerdle. The latest player in town going viral among the music lovers, pop music to be particular is Heardle.

Well just like how it sounds (pun intended), Heardle is about listening and identifying a popular pop music song in a limited amount of tries. Here is everything you need to know about Heardle:

What is Heardle?

Heardle is an online game dedicated to pop music enthusiasts which allows them to guess a song by listening to its initial parts. Basically, the player listens to small snippets of the song and has to guess the song name in a limited amount of tries.

If they fail to guess the song or skip it, then more parts of the song are revealed and can be heard, but the player also loses one chance of guessing the song’s name. The game is over once the limited number of tries is reached.

The website of Heardle says that the game is a “respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist.” The songs featured on the website are from the past decade and include the most streamed songs mostly.

The website of Heardle and the game is developed by Omakase which claims that they retract the songs snippets from Soundcloud.

How to Play the Game?

Once you reach the website of the game and tap on the PLAY button visible on the screen, the game starts. Initially, a song snippet is played for a few seconds. Now some things to note earlier are that you should keep your volume on and up to a proper level where you can hear clearly. The second thing is that you can listen to the snippets of the song as many times as you want.

Now, just like Wordle, the player gets a total of six amount of tries to guess the song name. If you want to guess then you can type the answer in the white text box and similar results will be suggested.

If you skip or guess wrong, then a longer part of the song is unlocked, but this only continues for the first 16 seconds of the song, and when you run out of six tries, the game is over and the answer is revealed. You can also share your results on your social media. If you are a pop music enthusiast, then this is your sign to go play Heardle.



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