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What is Gustavo Petro Net worth in 2022?

Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego popularly known as Gustavo Petro is an economist, politician, and also senator of Italian descent. The Columbian personality is also an ex-guerilla fighter. However, all his efforts towards politics and guerilla fighting have finally been succeded. This is because Gustavo has been elected as the new president of Columbia succeeding Iván Duque Márquez. The 62-year-old politician will assume office on 8th August 2022.

This comes as a revolution in Columbia as Petro will be the very first left president of the country. Additionally, he will also be the 34th president of Columbia. Since the news of Petro winning the election has been out, several people have started wondering about his life history and net worth.

Majorly the Columbian population is curious to know the existing wealth and income of their upcoming president so that they can have a hold on their leader. So let us know about the detailed information and revenue sources of Gustavo Petro.

Gustavo Petro Net Worth

As of 2022 and according to several sources, an estimate has been made regarding their net worth of Gustavo. It has been estimated that the total net worth of the politician is around $1 million- $5 million. An exact figure isn’t given and a range has been mentioned herein. This is because, at times, it is certainly difficult to ascertain the net worth of persons who do not have a fixed source of income.

Gustavo is a politician and an economist. Additionally, he is also leftist and has held certain positions in the country. Due to the varied activities, he is engaged in it is difficult to reach a fixed amount.

Early Life

Petro grew up in Córdoba. Gustavo Francisco was a family name. Petro was reared Catholic, yet he questions God’s existence. Petro’s family migrated north of Bogotá to Zipaquirá in the 1970s. Petro founded Carta al Pueblo at La Salle. 17-year-old him joined the 19th April Movement.

Petro was Zipaquirá’s ombudsman from 1981 to 1986. Petro studied economics at Universidad Externado de Colombia and ESAP (ESAP). Universidad Javeriana awarded him a master’s in economics. Then he studied economics and human rights in Belgium. Subsequently, he has also done a Ph.D.

Political Career

Former M-19 members (including Petro) formed the M-19 Democratic Alliance, which won numerous seats in the Chamber of Representatives in 1991, representing Cundinamarca.

Petro was elected to the Bogotá Chamber of Representatives in 2002 as a member of Va Alterna, a political movement he founded with Antonio Navarro Wolff and other former M-19 members. His colleagues and the press named him “Best Congressman”.

Gustavo Petro Family Details

Gustavo has been married to Verónica Alcocer. She will be Colombia’s first lady-elect. Her campaign agenda looked to surpass her husband’s. Alcocer said she is “trying to develop a name” by touring the country.

Gustavo Petro dated Luz Herrán Cárdenas, and their son Andrés got political asylum in Canada. Andrea Petro, their daughter, is educated, married, and has two children in France.

Sofa and Antonella Petro, his daughters from his marriage to Verónica Alcocer, were private until recently. Sofia has supported and accompanied her father in interviews and debates during this election campaign. Nicolás Arbeláez, Veronica’s son, has appeared in the presidential candidate’s social media posts. Days Vasquez is the deputy’s girlfriend.



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