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What if WWE Battleground cannot deliver?

I have been giving this a lot of thought (why else would I be up at 1:20 in the morning). I seriously doubt that Battleground can deliver like it needs to as a pivotal pay-per-view for the WWE and the transition to the final three events on the calendar year.

[adinserter block=”1″]While there are potentially great matches, my gut feeling tells me there will be major obstacles in the way of this becoming a major success for the WWE.

Like Night of Champions, I was worried that the PPV was lacking, and even talked about it amongst fellow wrestling writers during the night. Only after Ryback decided he needed to try and break CM Punk’s back did things turn around. The WWE has a habit of using the same feuds over and over again and giving them a two or three pay-per-view run before they are cast away.

I wish, I wish with all my heart, that Triple H, Randy Orton and Big Show all fall apart.

I know that is not going to happen and we all can pretty much predict the outcome of the Orton/Daniel Bryan match. Which referee will interfere this time? What stipulation on Monday will cost Daniel Bryan the match? How much will Triple H or Big Show get involved?

If Battleground is going to go anywhere, it needs steam leading up to it – which it does not.

It needs charisma, which it is lacking. It needs more plotlines, which it has time to build and most of all, it needs titles to change.

Anything less could be considered a real fail. If I am planning this event, in addition to the current matches, this is how I might want to plan everything out.

AJ Lee vs. Natalya for the Divas Title

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States Title

Rey Mysterio vs. Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title (surprise match for Axel)

The Prime Time Players vs. The Shield for the Tag Team Titles

While those appear to be solid matches besides to two title matches and CM Punk vs. Ryback, I would also try and establish true enemy lines with this corporate angle. Big Show seems on the fence. Where does Alberto Del Rio fit in all this? Give Zack Ryder and R-Truth a chance to shine. And maybe add another name to the Corporate side that we all never thought would change their spots (Booker T).

Until recently, the WWE has forgotten about surprises, suspense and drama in pay-per-views. I still expect there to be one more name added to the list of Paul Heyman’s stable. I expect the Real Americans to disband at some point and fight each other. I also think the table has been set for the Bellas to get involved in the Orton/Bryan storyline (god, I hope not).

If it sounds like I am rambling, then maybe I am – but there is a reason. I ramble about this kind of a story and this kind of change just like the WWE cannot get its act together. Does The Miz and Big Show battle in Buffalo?

Does The Miz somehow get written out of the WWE program?

Since it is Buffalo, could we see a surprise entrant in the arena like Beth Phoenix, who would certainly shake up the women’s locker room in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]This pay-per-view really is important to the success of the rest of the year. With Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, and TLC the remaining on the calendar, every cable buy is important to the success of the current angles and the promotion of the coming year. In this case, the remaining events to promote the major angles of the company must deliver.

If not, everything fails. If the new pay-per-view cannot transition, then the rest of the plans for 2013 are all but a massive fail.

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  1. Made up my mind it is either the Braves beat up the local over rated baseball team or watch the Texans vs 49ers. The WWE has written off this PPV as a 3 hour RAW. Will watch Raw because the Jets are not even in the same Universe as the Falcons.


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