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What Happens Now With Paul Heyman?

Now that Paul Heyman appears to be a lone wolf in the WWE – with no real superstar to call his own and no true angle to run with, what will the wrestling promotion do with its best gimmick and most intriguing character?

As the wrestling year comes to an end and the plans are slowly in place for the Royal Rumble – hopefully new characters will develop, old ones will return from injury and a wrestling makeover and more opportunities will present themselves to help the legend of the greatest wrestling manager of this generation. There is no one who compares to Paul Heyman in this new age of professional wrestling, here are only those who will emulate him in future decades.

The WWE still needs the slick weasel of a man who defiantly challenges the authority of the company and tries to set the tone for everything unwholesome and evil. That is the essence of his brilliance and that is why last year was the Year of CM Punk and AJ Lee, this year undoubtedly was the “Year of Paul Heyman.”

My only question now becomes “Can the WWE sustain this kind of momentum into 2014 with the Authority angle?”

It would seem the company’s “Midas” Man needs a new project. The CM Punk/Heyman feud reminds me of feuds between Kevin Sullivan and Dusty Rhodes and Gary Hart and “The American Dream.” In this case, the opponents are more volatile, Never before as a Kendo stick been used with such force.

Here are a few wrestlers who could benefit from a stroke of genius.

Wade Barrett

I would love 2014 to begin with Barrett – full makeover complete – to become the latest “Paul Heyman” guy. For Barrett, it would be a huge move toward a WWE Title for the Brit. I am still waiting for another “Dangerous Alliance” with Heyman as the figure head. Barrett would be a great centerpiece to build a new stable around.


The Great White has been out with an injury. Unlike John Cena, the former World Champion has needed the full time off to recover.

It would make sense for a heel turn for Sheamus – the pale white skin fixated on a black canvas. He could fall back into his original character of beating up the veteran stars of the WWE, putting them out of action and cashing in on titles and glory.

A possible tag team with Barrett would be more than awesome in the WWE.

The Wyatts

The is a real opportunity here for the feud between Punk and Heyman to continue. The Wyatts and The Shield will compete together at Survivor Series against Punk, Daniel Bryan and others. Somehow, someway Heyman will get involved in this angle. Shades of Gary Hart all over again.

A veteran we have not thought of

Could a veteran other than Brock Lesnar be on Heyman’s radar. I see a lot of potential with wrestlers we don’t think of making a “leap.” If the “Authority” angle ends abruptly, where does Kane fit? Would he take a walk on the “fan” side and get behind Big Show?

I know would be unheard of right now, but down the line, could Goldust turn on the Rhodes Family again and seek the aid of Heyman?

I hope 2014 starts with a bang. That means Heyman must remain as close to the core of the story as he can be. The WWE will continue to shove this “Authority” angle in our faces, but there is a real possibility it could end badly. Hopefully that means Heyman will be there to pick up the pieces and save the day. That is certainly how the company’s greatest character should make things happen.

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