What Does WWE Night of Champions 2015 Need?

WWE Night of Champions 2015

In a few weeks, the next WWE PPV takes place: Night of Champions. It’s the one show of the year that should be purely dedicated to the championships of the company and where any other storyline takes a step back. The titles should take priority, and whilst there should still be a couple of non-title matches on the card, the majority of the show should be watching title matches take place. Here is a rundown of what I believe needs to happen for the show to be a great one.

[adinserter block=”2″]No title matches on the pre-show

Earlier on in the year, WWE had a tendency to put title matches on the pre-show, seriously harming the prestige of the bout. At Wrestlemania, the tag titles were defended on the pre-show in a match that was actually pretty good. However, not everyone had even tuned in at that time, and it didn’t feel as brilliant as it would have done on the main show. Because of this, all title matches at Night of Champions must be on the main show and get a very good amount of time for WWE to show that this is a night to appreciate the champions, and every championship is something worth holding.

An NXT championship match should take place

NXT has so much spotlight on it at the moment that it’s almost as if it is no longer a feeding brand to the main roster. WWE need to continue to capitalize on the success of NXT, and do this by putting an NXT title match on at Night of Champions. This would further push how valuable championships are whilst giving the fans who aren’t as connected with NXT as others a chance to watch a fresh match. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be the NXT Championship itself. WWE could have two tag team championships defended on one night if they allowed the Vaudevillains a chance to defend their titles at the show. It would introduce the company to the tag team as well as giving NXT a place on the card. On a night like this, more title matches the better.

The Dudleys shouldn’t have a tag team title match… Yet

The Dudley Boyz returned on the Raw after Summerslam and immediately the universe were beside themselves. They were ecstatic at the return of one of the most popular tag teams of all time. Of course, they are at some point going to win the tag team titles and hold them in a run that will probably last a good few months. However, their time for a title match is not now. The New Day have just won the titles back and are growing in popularity every week with their brilliant work, and so they shouldn’t lose the titles as soon as the very next PPV. The Dudley Boyz shouldn’t lose for a good couple of months to keep them as strong as possible for when they do finally win the titles. The ideal situation then is to not let these teams collide for the titles at Night of Champions, but instead allow the Prime Time Players to evoke their rematch clause. They can take the defeat, and the match between the New Day and the Dudley Boyz can wait for another time. Fans would probably be upset about the Dudley Boyz not being on the card, but that can be fixed with them coming out and putting a couple of people through a table for the fans to enjoy.

Ryback needs a serious opponent

At Summerslam, Ryback defended his Intercontinental Title in a triple threat match against The Miz and the Big Show. While the match wasn’t as horrendous as people first thought it would be, it was always obvious that Ryback wouldn’t be losing his title against either of these two men. Neither Miz nor Show realistically stood a chance of walking out with the title, and the match was too predictable. Ryback needs a change in his next match. The fans need to believe he has a chance of dropping the title, even if he doesn’t. Ryback should face someone like Neville or even maybe John Cena (as he evidently isn’t going to be involved in the world title picture) for fans to have an interest in the match and its outcome. Ryback doesn’t actually have to lose the match. I would personally keep the title on Ryback for now, but it would be better to believe it is possible for him to lose.

Nikki Bella needs to defend her title, and in a singles match

This is the PPV where Nikki must defend her title again, and she needs to do so in a singles match against one other woman. This isn’t the time where one member from each team competes and the winner of the triple threat holds the title. It must be a singles match with a deserved number one contender. In the next few weeks, WWE should have a tournament of sorts where the women compete in singles matches against each other to determine who is the best and who should face Nikki at the show. Even Brie and Alicia Fox should be involved in the tournament to show they want to hold the title as well. The way the Divas Revolution is running right now with the team rivalry is seriously damaging the push, and it’s causing fans to slowly turn on their matches. Having singles matches with a good amount of time and a reason to win for the divas could be the answer to reignite the revolution (after all, singles matches is what NXT women have, and they are excelling with women whereas the main roster is struggling). At the moment, any women could win a match and the next week lose a match, and the story doesn’t move. By having a tournament where the winner gets a title match, winning would mean something again, as the end result is a title match against the champ, which ideally Nikki should lose and pass the title to either Charlotte or Sasha Banks.

Braun Strowman needs to be kept off the card

What WWE is planning on doing with Strowman is a mystery to all. So far he’s been on a path of destruction, and has been kept strong. It is only a matter of time before Reigns turns him into a form of jobber, but for now, he is being kept strong. To keep this going without harming Reigns or Ambrose too much, Strowman shouldn’t be in a match yet. Instead, the Wyatt family should introduce a fourth member. One not as strong as Strowman, and one that can take the loss to Reigns. By doing this, it makes the stable four man strong, and leaves them just one person off a fifth member. If they then introduce a fifth member by Survivor Series, it sets up a potential traditional five-on-five match against Reigns, Ambrose and three others which would be the end of the feud. This would be where Strowman debuts, wins and ends the feud. So, for Night of Champions, Strowman should be stopped from having a match, and Reigns should defeat the fourth member of the Wyatt Family, whoever that could be.

Rusev and Ziggler must end their feud

Preferably, I would have this feud ended on next weeks episode of Raw. This feud has been atrocious from the start, and shows no signs of getting any better. The jealousy of Rusev has done nothing but harm his character, and Lana is slowly losing the popularity of the crowd from when they were even chanting her name. This needs to be the final match of the feud, and needs to end decisively. Rusev makes Ziggler tap or Lana realigns with Rusev after only faking her relationship with Ziggler to get Rusev back on winning form. Anything. Just end this feud at Night of Champions.

[adinserter block=”2″]Rollins must defend his United States Championship

At Night of Champions, every championship must be on the line. Fact. This is a challenging task for Seth Rollins this year as he holds two titles. He already has his world title match booked, but he must also defend his United States Championship. If it needed to be done, he could open the show with this match and close the show with his title match. This would give him the maximum rest time a show allows. He also needs to defend in a multi person match. This would allow him to take a heavy blow, and lay outside the ring for a long period of time before returning in again to claim the victory. This is another way of keeping Rollins as fresh as possible to defend two titles in one night. A way to do this is using Kevin Owens and Cesaro. Cesaro and Owens haven’t ended their feud yet, and could serve up another classic on their own, allowing Rollins to take a powerbomb and be on the side for a good 7-10 minutes. However it is done, Rollins must defend both titles.

Rollins and Sting must have a decisive finish

Summerslam. Jon Stewart intervenes and costs John Cena the world title match. Battleground. The Undertaker returns and costs Brock Lesnar the world title. Money in the Bank. Photo finish and Rollins wins on the basis he had a bigger grip on the title. The point being, world title matches in 2015 have been far from clean. In fact, not a single world title match in 2015 has ended without interference from someone or a screwy finish. You would have to go back to Summerslam of 2014 to find a clean world title match. That’s why Rollins vs Sting needs to have a clean finish without any interference, and have a decisive finish. The universe will be split on who they think should walk out as the world champion, and personally I believe it should be Sting. However, I don’t believe it is absolutely needed that one wins or the other. The only thing that is absolutely necessary in the world title match is a clean, decisive finish.

Do you agree with what I think Night of Champions needs? Do you think there is more that is needed, and some of my views shouldn’t be the case? Comment below or let me know on twitter – @carlo_george

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  1. I see my comment is still pending? I was not rude or obscene. It’s just my opinion. And camel does not like it. So un the future, I will not post to this site any more.

    • It doesn’t look like they are going to go with a lot of the things I mentioned sadly. But we have to hope they know what they are doing and put on a great show to showcase their champions!

      • the noc show was pretty good, to bad sting got injured. I read in an recent interview, he said it was all his fault and he does not blame Rollins. In fact, he praises Rollins andd liked working with him. Glad that Charlotte won the title. Time for a change.

        • I enjoyed the show! Great show it was. I think Sting is being harsh on himself. No one needs to take blame, these things happen. I hope he makes a speedy recovery though. And yes I am happy with Charlotte winning too


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