What can Daniel Bryan offer?


On recent episodes of Monday Night Raw, we have seen Daniel Bryan repeatedly being run down by Vince McMahon, stating he doesn’t want Bryan to be the WWE Champion. Now it is no secret that Vinny Mac loves a muscular guy to be at the helm of the roster, stretching back to the days of Hulk Hogan. But is it possible for a “Dwarf” to become the flagship superstar in the WWE?

[adinserter block=”1″]Whether you know him as Daniel Bryan, American Dragon or Bryan Danielson, this man has a number of things going his way. As stated in his promo on Raw this past week (5th August), he is a professional wrestler, not an entertainer. Starting and working his way through the indy’s, busting his gut night in and night out for the love of the business, Bryan has already demonstrated his commitment to companies by giving them excellent matches. In Ring of Honours’ very first broadcast, Bryan stole the show in a match against Christopher Daniels and Low Ki, and is critically acclaimed as the ‘Founding Father’ of ROH.

From gymnasiums to sold-out arenas, ‘Goat face’ has not lost his passion. He leaves it all in the ring each and every week. Since returning at SummerSlam 2010, Bryan has given everything to the crowd. His unique fighting style of martial arts kicks, highflying, speed and submission has certainly distinguished him from most of the roster. Who would you rather watch in the ring, Santino Marella or Daniel Bryan? If it is the first, you need to evaluate being a fan of professional wrestling.

Bryan’s promos are another strong point. He has been over with the crowd for a few years now, as both a heel and a face he has invigorated his gimmick and adapted it to each storyline. Over the past year, I believe we have seen some of the funniest promos of the “PG Era”, when creative placed Kane and Daniel in anger management thus giving birth to “Team Hell No”. On a personal level, I think both brought out the best of each other, and I believe that this was Kane’s best work for a number of years.

One thing Vince or anyone for that matter, can deny is the amount of money and atmosphere that Bryan generates. Other than Cena and Punk, perhaps the two biggest names to burst on the scene since the turn of the Millennium, Bryan undoubtedly sells the most merchandise. The amount of shirts (Yes and No) seen on broadcasts and at live shows is an undeniable money spinner.

The connection he has with the WWE Universe both in the arena and at home is unquestionable. His “Yes” chants are used by myself in everyday life, it is now second nature to me and this makes me like him more. Having seen some of the charity work he does, this guy seems the all-round package to lead the company forward, doesn’t he?

Well all is not as it seems for Mr Bryan, as the ratings for his gauntlet match show. Whilst facing Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Ryback a few weeks back, official figures state that Raw, in the final half hour of the broadcast, dropped 300,000 viewers. For those unfamiliar with ratings this is a huge drop. But was this due to Bryan? Questions are to be raised about his drawing ability. Yes he has a connection with the WWE universe, but can his gimmick really offer dynamic and cutting edge storylines like CM Punk or Edge used to do when carrying the Championship Gold?

[adinserter block=”2″]No matter what you think of Bryan, whether you find him tedious or amazing, there is no denying he is the hottest commodity in professional wrestling or sports entertainment today. This is one John Cena match I look forward to, and hopefully we will see ‘The Man of a thousand holds’ take the WWE championship.

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  1. My bad, I read through it pretty quickly. I enjoy all the WWE blogs on this page. It is crazy to me after the success of Shawn Michaels why the WWE would still prefer almost always go with the bigger guys all the time. __

  2. Bryan is an awesome talent, I think that comparissons to Shawn Michaels are spot on. However, I still don't think he sells more merchandise than Cena, if he did he would be in Cena's spot. I am not saying that as a support to Cena, but the young fans who actually buy the gear and the toys are buying Cena.

    • I don't believe he sells more merchandise than Cena either, hence why I sidelined Punk and Cena as the biggest money spinners. Thanks for your feedback and reading.


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