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Brian Westbrook Where? Glen Coffee What? San Fran WTF?

Brian Westbrook and Glen CoffeeAn interesting thing happened on the way to the regular season for the San Francisco 49ers. In just 2 short days time they totally re-worked the running back situation bringing in veteran running back Brian Westbrook, who was a long time staple in the Philadelphia Eagles offense, then announced that last year’s rookie running back Glen Coffee had retired, at 23 years old? Talk about a quick change, good thing we are still in pre-season!

So what makes a 23 year old kid decide that he has had enough of the riggers of the NFL, after one season? Well Coffee was quoted on Yahoo Sports as saying,” I had found God in college, and nothing else really matters to me. I didn’t even want to enter the NFL draft, but at the time I was a football player and thought that’s what I had to do”. Now I won’t slam the kid for finding God, but don’t you realize this is the same God that gave you the talent you have, and made you fortunate enough to be here? What kind of career change does a youngster make after walking away, healthy mind you, from the NFL? I’m not too sure of many jobs he will walk into in which he will do the same things or make the same amount of money as he did here.

[adinserter block=”2″]Then we go on to Westbrook, who as of early Monday was reported to not have had any contact with any NFL team, and most people thought his only possible stop was Washington. The waiting game may have proved to be good for Westbrook, as we now figure with Coffee out of the mix that Westbrook should see a decent amount of touches as Frank Gore’s back-up. Also his good hands make him valuable on a 49ers team that seems to have a rejuvenated QB and good receivers.

The 49ers are expected to be a contender for the West division championship in the NFC, and sometimes, with or without help from a God, or Theee God, teams destined for good seasons get a break like this. If Coffee had waited a little longer to pull the plug on himself then San Fran would be left scrambling for potential slot fillers. Westbrook gives them a steady veteran player who is familiar with winning. He has been to a Super Bowl, a few Pro Bowls, and 4 NFC Conference Championship games, and yes when healthy can still be a clutch go-to guy.

It may be that head coach Mike Singletary may be too much for any player with a weak heart to deal with. Maybe the old school, hard knocks style of the NFL is too much for some kids. Hey, speaking of hard knocks, Rex Ryan wanted me to say “F*** Y**! What kind of joke is that, about how the NFL is upset about him cursing on cable TV? I don’t get it, I always thought football was a tough sport, maybe it is, and maybe some of the new breed of college kid is just softer?

[adinserter block=”1”]Coffee claims that he is not going all Brett Favre on us, and says there is no comeback or mind-changing that will take place. He said he had waited for this moment for a while and felt this was a prime moment to do it. There was even a very clever photo going around of Coffee yawning heavily during stretch exercises. He was even asked by a reporter about what if he decided to change his mind, in which Coffee in so many words responded “That won’t be an issue, there is no about face here. I have made up my mind”.

So it was an interesting day in San Fran needless to say. One guy gets a second chance to continue a great career while one kid walks away from one that started rough but ended just as quickly. No, Glen Coffee will not be seen as a draft day bust, and we also won’t mistake his walk away for what Barry Sanders did, but we have to think to ourselves “why?” Maybe someday he will come forward with a more elaborate answer, or maybe he will be seen in the UFC, getting his clocked cleaned by “real athletes”. Only God knows what is in store for Glen Coffee, and Coffee believes that’s enough to get him through.

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