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We’re Ready To Believe You – Ghostbusters: The Video Game

ghostbustersFrom first glance you would think that this game would be a bomb given the rack record of Ghostbusters games and the movie tie in games are hideous at best. The NES games were known for being bad, but there known even more now from The Angry Video Game Nerd’s frustrations being taken out on them.

Sega had a fantastic game on the Genesis that i had for my Genesis and played it a lot for the fact that it was a Ghostbusters game that was great, in fact, its one of the best games for the console. Years later, well after the second movie, the Busters have been silent except for all the rumors of a Ghostbusters 3 movie in development.

[adinserter block=”1″]This game has been kept secret fairly well until an in game movie leaked onto the internet. Once this occurred, a fire storm raged on and the whole gaming industry was talking about Ghost and Ghost Busting. All the paranormal talk begin to hit a fever pitch until the news was dropped, the in game was simply fan made, nothing true to it at all. Until a year later when official news of the game was announced. A new Ghost Busters is coming, and it will be on all major platforms and will feature a story that is being written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. However, rumors began to run even further then that on the internet saying that the game is being made to coverup a movie secretly being made.

Ugh…A Disgusting Blob:

Finally, to end all of this speculation, Dan Aykroyd does an interview to announce that the game is being developed and it will feature his and Harold’s writing for the games entire story and the entire cast will be in the game to lend there voices to the game. The game was being developed for quite some time until it hit a wall, a wall called merger.

When Vivendi announced they would merge with Activision Blizzard, all games in the pipeline would be evaluated to determine if they were good enough to be released. It was later announced that only five games will be released, even if there not fully completed, and that Ghostbusters was not one of those five games.

This started a huge discussion on the internet with online petitions and even an online community of gamers writing open letters to companies to get this game released. Atari would pick up the game, and here we are, Ghostbuster…Were Back!!

Here Is The PS3 Box Art:

Xbox 360 Box:

[adinserter block=”2″]For starters, what i love about this game is the simple fact that it looks, plays, and feels the way a Ghost Busters should, but its got something more, its in a sense a clone of Gears Of War. Everything about this game is a clone of Gears, which is in no way shape or form a bad thing. Im glad to see that this game doesn’t just take a license and dump it down the toilet, they go the extra mile in this game. Right away once you start playing you can see the detail in the graphics.

The characters look just like there real life counterparts, its insane the amount of detail that went into all of the main characters as well as the new characters as well. The voice work is awesome, however, Bill Murray is a little bit of a drag because he just sounds like he really does not want to be in booth recording these lines. He is funny in the game, but like i said, it sounds like he was being forced to read the lines.

There are great lines during the movie sequences, but during gameplay, there are a lot of lines you will hear a lot. There funny yes, but it gets annoying hearing them over and over at least they could have thrown a mixer in there and changed it up slightly.

At least i don’t have to worry about someone doing impressions of these actors voices, its the actual actors doing all the work, so the repeated lines are passable. The dialog is well thought out though, the story is written good enough to make it a video game. As a movie, I’m not so sure since the game does not have enough movie sequences to keep you in the game completely.

There are times that the cut scenes are great, but then you get an average scene. The music is also the same story here, you do get Ray Parker Jr.’s classic theme song from the movie as well as the musical score from the first film. It was so surreal to hear those classic songs from the first film again. In the game there well placed but there are instances where you wish you heard something new and original for this new game.

Amazing Detail In Characters:

The controls are solid, just imagine playing Gears Of War with the roadie run being moved from the A button to the B button on the Xbox 360. The Proton Pack functions just like the weapons from Gears do and they even have the Reload feature from Gears only in this game you do not get any type of power-up for a perfectly times reload, you are simply letting out your exhaust from you proton pack in order to prevent a total protonic reversal.

The pack itself has its own animations, like when you vent, you can see the center of the pack separate itself from the entire pack letting out the heat so the proton pack can function again. Its not a normal back pack, its a nuclear accelerator that is strapped to your back, so be careful not to cross the streams. The Proton Pack has upgrades you acquire throughout the game from Egon and Ray, you also can purchase add ons like reduce heat, extra slime ammo, faster and more balanced proton stream throwing, and so many more.

You can even buy upgrades for your Ghost Traps that allow you to slam a ghost right into the trap and an upgrade that will capture ghost much more faster. Unlike the previous Ghostbuster games, all these upgrades can be used at the same time. You do not assign upgrades to be used at particular times, rather, your upgrades are used when the item that was upgraded is used. So no need to equip any of these upgrades, this is a nice plus since it saves you the time and effort of thinking on which upgrades you should and should not have.

The upgrades you get include new proton attacks including the Boson Darts, which are energy pulses from the Proton Stream. The Slime Thrower which covers anything and everything in green slime. The detail in this is awesome. The Shock Blast which looks like a blue stream of ice slime, that in effect, freezes certain ghost or possessed statues. The Meson Collider which is an electric attack weapon that can be fired in a large single blast or rapid little blast. Each weapon has a secondary fire function as well, each of these secondary attacks are very useful.

Busting A Ghost:

Working Together:

Mr. Stay Puff…Nice Thinking Ray:

The Slime Tether ability comes in handy throughout the game since it allows you to reach areas that you couldn’t due to a lack of bridge or path. You can pull an area together using these or you can slam flying ghost into object by tethering them to each other. The ghost are captured in a three step process, first you weaken them, second you throw a capture stream, and third you slam them enough to weaken them for the capture. Simple as that, and then you throw out your trap and the ghost is captured. You have to pick up your trap, its easy to do you just walk up to it and press A and its yours.

The HUD will tell you when you pick up your trap. You earn cash for each ghost you collect, but you do tally up a bill for all the damage you cause throughout the game, however, the story does elaborate how the damage is paid for, New York City has an insurance policy big enough to cover any and all damage that is caused by the Ghostbusters and or the Ghost. So your covered from all the damage that is create, but you do receive a Trophy/Achievement for causing the least amount of damage.

But where the fun in that, you want to smash and break stuff until the flowers are left standing. You revisit all the classic locations from the two movies except only in this game you will not be using the Statue Of Liberty with the NES Advantage. You will fight Stay Puff in the first mission as you work your way through the game you run into other ghosts from the movies such as the Vigo painting from Ghostbusters II, Slimer, Stay Puff, even the Librarian from the first scene from Ghostbusters. That ghost has a major role in this game.

The basis for the story centers around that ghost, so in a sense, this game is a sequel in a way to Ghostbusters, and not a sequel to both the previous movies. Its like there treating Ghostbuster II like people treat Back To The Future III, we know it exists but we don’t want to acknowledge it.

There is an online portion to this game as well. You can play as a team or against one another in online multiplayer and Co-Op modes. You play the online portion in areas from the single player mode. The online portion is there, but given the fact that this game had a rough development cycle, it is very limited but for what is there for you to do, I know that the designers had a lot in mind but just not enough time to pull off there actual vision on what they wanted to achieve. It’s a nice addition to have and it doesn’t feel like its just there to be had, it’s there for fun and it certainly is fun to play online with your friends and random people.

You play as one of the four ghostbusters or if you purchase the game from Game Stop or Best Buy, you can play as those characters that are exclusive to that retailer. The PKE Meter is in this game and there are instances where you have to go though the level using it, which can be a problem since you basically in first person view so anything coming up from behind can easily attack you. And when your attacked, your given several hits before you are downed and have to be revived by a team mate, and when everyone is done, you fail and have to start over from the last check point.

Another element from Gears Of War. Since you don’t ever see a Ghostbuster die, you simply faint and pass out, so thats why its the same as Gears but not completely like Gears. You scan ghost and bosses to determine there weaknesses, attacks, and there type and name. Much like Pokemon you can keep an updated Tobin’s Spirit Guide to show off to your friends all the ghost you have seen/captured.

Online Co-Op:

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a major leap for movie based games in so many areas. There are some minor problems that bother me but all in all, the game is stellar for the license that it is carrying. Its a true experience rather then someone wearing a Ghost Busters jersey thinking its a Ghostbusters game.

The Video Game is now available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for an MSRP of $59.99. Its also available for the Playstation 2 for and MSRP of $19.99. And for the Wii for an MSRP of $49.99. Its portable on the Nintendo DS for an MSRP of $34.99. The PS2, Wii, and DS versions are the same game only with a different graphics engine tailored to make this game look like the cartoon series. The story and voice over work are all there. Rated T For Teen.


-Great Cinematic Scenes

-Great Musical Score

-Great Writing Done By Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis

-The Entire Cast, Minus Weaver and Moranis, Are Here

-Feels And PLays Like Gears Of War, But Is It’s Own Game

-Lots Of Busting To Do

-Good Humor Throughout The Game

-Fantastic Details In The Characters

-The Single Best Movie Licensed Game Ever

-Online Play Is Here

-Trophy/Achievements Are Famous Quotes From The Two Movies


-Bill Murray Is Tough To Listen To

-Music Gets Repetitive

-Controls Are Good But Could Use A Little Tuning

-Your Teammates Faint Way To Much And Easy

-Retailer Exclusive Content Is Wrong And Dumb When Its The Same Game

-Online Play Is Very Limited

-No Customization For Online Play

-Enemies Get Annoying When In Close Quarters

-PKE Meter Is Awesome, But Its Forced On To You And Obstructs Your Vision

-When You Cross The Streams, Life As You Know It Ends In An Instant And Every Molecule In Your Body Explodes At The Speed Of Light
Official Score:

Ghost Busters: The Video Game Rating: 4 Stars Out Of 5

Editor’s Choice Award
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Click here to purchase Ghostbusters the Video Game Exclusive Slimer Edition for Xbox 360

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– John Yomtov



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