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The Sharks Fantasy Football Week 6 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Ben RoethlisbergerHow tough has this season been, seriously? Here we are at week 6 of the NFL season, and we are about to witness the “What the Heck Bowl” with both the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys coming in at 1-3? Meanwhile this Monday night, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans will be playing for first place in their respective division.

Parody, crazy, bizarre, use whatever term you’d like to some this up, but it has made it real hard to figure out NFL picks and fantasy football choices as well. However there is some good news for you all, as “The Shark” and the other great writers here at CamelClutchBlog are always working hard to deliver great advice to you. So, here I am with some advice, as well as more gems in the waiver wire. So sit back, read and relax, and of course good luck in fantasy football week 6. Oh and don’t be afraid to pray!



Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs Browns

Is he going to be rusty? Not here. Yes Big Ben is coming back from a suspension, but he has 2 real big things going for him. Number 1 his team has been red hot and number 2 they take on a Browns team that they have beaten 13 out of 14 times. Ben has always been a guy that can mix it up with runs and passes, and he still has the weapons here to do it all. The Browns have very little to be excited about coming in this week, but Ben sure does.

[adinserter block=”1″]Philip Rivers, Chargers at Rams

Losing 3 out of 5 games is not very much Rivers’ fault and he will continue the magic this week against the Rams. St. Louis was spanked last week by a weak Lions team, and this does not look like a remedy for healing. Rivers was tossing it up last week and has good weapons like Malcolm Floyd, Antonio Gates and several RBs that can catch too. I would expect a huge comeback by the Chargers this week.

Eli Manning, Giants vs Lions

Manning proved last week that he knows how to handle a weak pass defense by shredding the Texans. Yes, at times Eli looks lost, but he has awesome weapons to go to, and a weak Lions team is coming to town. The Giants are starting to look like the team that won the Super Bowl a few years back, but with the running game being such a question mark it is up to Eli and the passing game to keep it rolling.


Kyle Orton, Broncos vs Jets

Sit the guy who is second in the NFL in passing? Believe it. Last week he looked decent against a tough Ravens defense, but the Jets are even better. Yes Brett Favre got them a few times last week, but that is Brett Favre and he also had better WRs to work with. The fact that the Broncos cannot run the ball at all does not help matters either. I expect the Jets to sit back in coverage and send blitzes all day.

Shaun Hill, Lions at Giants

Hill has been a waiver wire love for many teams in fantasy so far this season. However the Giants defense has been terrific in getting to the QB the last few weeks, and the Lions may also be without WR Calvin “Mega-Tron” Johnson. The Giants are not the scariest secondary in the league, but the front 7 should make it easier for them this week.

Matt Schaub, Texans vs Chiefs

This Chief defense has become much more tough against the pass this season. Last week they held Peyton Manning to a no TD day, so it does not look too good for any other QB in the league right now. The Texans run the ball well, so that is what I expect to see from them this week. Also Andre Johnson may have played last week, but you can bet he is still hurting.

Running Back


Ray Rice, Ravens at Patriots

Rice finally looked like a top 5 back last week, doing it all. Rice had 2 TDs, catches, and rushing for over 130 yards while his team rolled over the Broncos. The Pats are not known as a real tough run defense so he should get lots of looks and should have a good amount of success. Joe Flacco is good, but really only as good as Rice and the space he can create.

Frank Gore, 49ers vs Raiders

Running on Oakland has never been a big problem over the last few years, and Gore and his Niners need a win badly. Yes, head coach Mike Singletary did say he will stick with QB Alex Smith, and also keep a close eye on him, but you know he will trust Gore to carry much of the load. He should have a monster day as long as his defense can keep him in it.

Chris Johnson, Titans at Jaguars

With a surprising match-up for first place looming here, the Titans will top star will be ready to roll. Johnson has not been overly explosive the last few weeks, but the Jags do not bring an overly scary defense. The Titans have been better than expected, but you cannot expect this coffee to go without the straw that stirs it very long. Johnson will show the national audience who the best back in the NFL is today.


Jahvid Best, Lions at Giants

A few weeks back everyone thought that this was the rookie to explode on the scene. Since then not a whole lot of flash from Best, and he may be feeling some growing pains here. The Giants defense man-handled top rusher Arian Foster last week, so I don’t have a great feeling for the young Best, especially when I think his team will play from behind early.

Jamaal Charles/Thomas Jones Chiefs at Texans

The Texans continue to be tough on opposing RBs, or it could be that they can’t stop any team through the air. Charles just is not getting the looks he was expected to get, and Jones just looks old behind a offensive line that is not as tough as the one he had with the Jets. The Texans keep backs to about 60 yards per game, so unless they can create room in the passing game for either back, they offer very little this week.

Peyton Hillis, Browns at Steelers

We have seen it all year so far. Big time running backs play against the Steelers and do nothing. Yes the likes of Chris Johnson, Ray Rice and others have been useless against this defense, so the big stud Hillis, especially slightly hindered looks like a very poor play. Of course any team starting Hillis is doing so because they need him bad enough, but I urge you to find something else here.

Wide Receiver


Hakeem Nicks, Giants vs Lions

If I am so anxious to start Eli Manning, then I have to be stoked to start his top TD machine. Hicks is making quite a name for himself, and people are calling him the new Plaxico Burress in New York. Nicks has huge hands good speed and is big and strong enough to get loose. He is breathing life back into the Giants pass game, and should be fine against the Lions this week.

Roddy White, Falcons at Eagles

Why you ask? Well he just simply does it week in and week out. I am well aware that every year at the fantasy drafts that White is usually the 9th or 10th WR taken, but next season I urge you to look at him top 5. His usual number 2 Michael Jenkins is also expected to be back in the line up so he could face less double teaming and the Eagles still are not certain if they will have CB Asante Samuel available. Plus you can count on Matt Ryan trying to do a “Michael Vick who?” stunt this week.

Malcolm Floyd, Chargers at Rams

It appears that Floyd has arrived as a prime-time fantasy WR. Over 200 yards last week, and he has great numbers over the last 3 weeks. The Chargers running game has not been as solid as expected so Floyd and TE Antonio Gates have been huge. The Rams defense does not possess the big names to tame this guy.


Greg Jennings, Packers vs Dolphins

Jennings has not been a super stud this season anyway, and now there is a chance that QB Aaron Rodgers will miss the game this week, which means it is up to Matt Flynn to get him the ball. Somehow Jennings has weakened since his huge season 2 years ago, how we just don’t know, but it has happened.

[adinserter block=”2″]DeSean Jackson, Eagles vs Falcons

Yes this is looking like a trend but as long as Kevin Kolb is at QB, Jackson is useless. In the 2 games Kolb has played this season, Jackson has managed just 4 catches and 0 TDs. Kolb just does not have the arm strength to cater to Jacksons down field speed and ability. It has to be hurting Jackson owners so far, but keep an eye out, as soon as Mike Vick comes back, jacksons value will sky rocket.

Roy Williams, Cowboys at Vikings

Roy sure has ben doing it lately. 3 TDs over the last 2 weeks and getting many more looks in this offense have many jumping on the bandwagon, but I warn you all, it will be real tough for a weak Cowboys offensive line to buy QB Tony Romo the time he needs to look all over the field. Roy is showing flashes of the WR he was expected to be, so don’t pass on him totally, just this week.

Defense I like this week:

Steelers vs Browns

Dolphins at Packers

Saints at Buccaneers

Defenses I don’t like:

Browns at Steelers

Rams vs Chargers

Redskins vs Colts

The Waiver Wire: I am not telling you that I found players that will save your season, but in a jam there is some names to hunt, and here they are.

Jason Campbell, QB, Oakland Raiders: If Campbell gets his job back in Oakland he will be worth a look. This week they play a poor 49ers team, and he is meshing well with TE Zach Miller. Also add in the fact that the Raiders have a good running game this year.

Danny Amendola, WR, St. Louis Rams: With Mark Clayton done for the season, Sam Bradford will lean heavily on this sleeper WR to get the job done. Last week he answered with double-digit catches, and can get many looks in this offense.

Deion Branch, WR, Patriots: His best play was always done in New England and now he is back there to try and rekindle that flame. Tom Brady likes Branch, and if he has anything left in his tank, he can be a big asset to your team.

Jerome Harrison, RB, Eagles: A trade from Cleveland should help Harrison’s value, only if anything happens to LeSean McCoy. Harrison was given up on way to early by the Browns and a more talented team like the Eagles could help him save his career.

Derrick Ward, RB, Texans: In leagues with many players, anybody with some kind of action can be worth something. Arian Foster was said to be having knee problems last week, Ward could be in for more action and can produce in this zone-block scheme offense.

Well, here is all I can give you this week. I wish all of you best of luck, and will see you next week.

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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