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Looking Back at Week One of ROH TV on Sinclair

Eddie EdwardsSo this past Saturday night ROH ushered in the “new and improved” Era of Honor and took Chicago Ridge, Illinois by storm and debuted their first episode of ROH wrestling. This week rather than bore you to death with a move by move recap of the show we’re going to take a look at some of the high points as well as the low points. Ring of honor presented a solid hour of wrestling action that was sure to refresh your wrestling pallet and show you how exciting and captivating the art of professional wrestling can truly be.

The first high point that we’ll take a look at is the “tale of the tape”. Something that has been only seen at boxing matches and most recently UFC events up until now was seen for the first time Saturday night and I have to say this was definitely a new and innovative way to provide a little background info on each of the participants in the match.

[adinserter block=”2″]Another feature that I really enjoyed was the “Inside ROH” feature that focused on former TNA superstar Jay Lethal who is making his return to ROH where he first got started as a young twenty-something. The feature also shed some light on the “Code of Honor”. I really hope that they highlight a different ROH superstar each week and I look forward to the direction that the producers will take when presenting the superstars to the wrestling mainstream for the first time. No need to go into detail on the code of honor and what it entails as you can get all the background info on rohwrestling.com but for the fan watching for the first time Saturday night I thought this was an excellent way to show the competitive side of ROH as well as show how the company places such an emphasis on sportsman ship and what it means to the wrestlers.

The recap package that was done on the Best In The World show was great in the fact that it really showcased the in-ring talent and I’m glad that this time was allotted for actual action and not just spent on someone going off on some non-sense diatribe backstage.

Lastly as far as highlights go I really enjoyed listening the play by play by onetime WWF (yes, that’s how long ago it was) and current ROH play by play man Kevin Kelly. I thought that Kelly showed great balance in calling the action and was informative. Kelly was joined by the wrestler formerly known as Desmond Wolfe and former ROH champ Nigel McGuiness. I’m curious to see how the dynamic plays out between these two.

Wolfe was walking a fine line between heel and face when complimenting Kelly but he is an asset to the announce table as he brings the in-ring perspective as not only someone who has walked a mile in these wrestlers shoes but has wrestled all over the world and even faced some of the current ring of honor superstars. Is this the new JR and King…not hardly but then again does the wrestling world really need Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler 2.0…I think not!!!!!

Of course as always where there’s peak’s there valleys and although there weren’t many to focus on this Saturday there were a few. Let’s take a look. First of all to the casual fan who is used to the tuning in every week to the WWE the overall presentation of the show leaves alot to be desired.

What I mean by this is in this day and age where everything is presented to us in “high def” the ROH at first seems a little dated as my wife who happened to be walking by at the time I was watching the show and asked me if this was one of my wrestling DVD’s from the 80’s!!!!! That may be all you need to know about how the product is currently being presented in regards to lighting, e.t.c.

[adinserter block=”1″]During the package showcasing the fantastic match at Best of The World between Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards the audio was very poor and after watching the match and waiting with baited breat for Richard’s post victory speech you really could hear nothing and I feel that this really stole some of the drama from the moment. I would love to be able to hear the wrestlers on the mic better.

Overall I was very pleased with episode 1 of Ring Of Honor television and am eagerly anticipating next week’s trip to executive producer Jim Cornette’s hometown of Louisville, KY. Trust me guys we all know by now that Rome wasn’t built in a day and ROH has a long way to go but this is one wrestling fan who will definitely be along for the ride.

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