Week of WWE Wrestling: 8/23/2009 to 8/29/2009


There are enough articles about SummerSlam on the 23rd, so I’ll keep most of my thoughts about SummerSlam to myself for the time being. I want to talk about couple of the big returns to WWE television and WWE wrestling at SummerSlam or since. The returns are of the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Mr. McMahon (to in-ring competition-even if it’s just for one night). Another news is of the send off of Jeff Hardy, having his last pay-per-view match at SummerSlam and his last match at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday, both matches against C.M. Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Undertaker

The last time we really saw the Dead Man was on the first episode of the returning WWE Superstars on WGN America after WrestleMania XXV when he defeated Matt Hardy in the show’s main event. The Undertaker returned in his normal way at SummerSlam, and that’s when after CM Punk recaptured the World Heavyweight Championship for the third time, he was standing over Jeff Hardy, the lights went out, couple of seconds later, the lights came back on, Hardy isn’t laying on the floor, underneight Punk, it’s Undertaker, and he choke slams him for his ultimate return.

Now, at WWE’s newest September pay-per-view, the Undertaker is challenging CM Punk for the World’s Heavyweight Championship, at Breaking Point.

Shawn Michaels

The last match that the Showstopper had was at WrestleMania XXV against the Undertaker, and we haven’t heard anything from him until Triple H said he’s “one call away” from bringing in a partner, referring to the Heartbreak Kid himself, to team up with him against Legacy’s Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. The match at SummerSlam with D-Generation X and Legacy was pretty decent, but a letdown for me because I was hoping that Legacy would get a pinfall victory over D-Generation X, making them look better than what they do deserve.

But with the Heartbreak Kid back, let’s hope that we can see one last great run from him and hopefully some young kid gets a rub off of him.

Mr. McMahon

The Chairman has been around off and on ever since the whole Chris Benoit (the guy that shall not be named in the eyes of the WWE) incident, which is a tragic case, none-of-the-less. But the Chairman came the night after SummerSlam and made a special appearance in a match, teaming up with D-Generation X to face Legacy. At the end of the match, we saw McMahon get the pin fall victory over the WWE Champion Randy Orton, and the show went off air.

In the end, I really don’t know if this special appearance by the Chairman hurts the heat for the WWE Champion, but it was nice to see McMahon get a pin fall victory, even on his 64th birthday.

Jeff Hardy

Going back and forth on a extension of his contract, there was no decision of keeping Jeff Hardy around after one show after SummerSlam. I am happy that the WWE did sent this guy out being in the main event over on Smackdown and I am happy that this guy got a chance to run with the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships before he left again from the company. Even though I never really got behind this guy’s wrestling style, but I am sadden to know that a face for the new main eventers is leaving, because the business today needs new main eventers, and we’re going to truly miss Jeff Hardy.

But I am happy to have seen Jeff Hardy as World Heavyweight Champion twice and seen Jeff Hardy as WWE Champion. I hope Jeff Hardy has great success in his future endeavors.

For the most part, I’ll get excited on getting a three-for-one shot of returns to goodbyes, but nothing against great wrestlers like the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, but guys like Jeff Hardy are the new faces of fans these days and are the new faces of the next legendary wrestlers like the Dead Man and the Heartbreak Kid. And I’ve always been a marked for Vince McMahon whenever he came out, but I do think it’s getting way too much for him to wrestle and defeat the top guy. Undertaker and Michaels can always go, and I hope we see them as World Champs one more time before they leave once and for all. And Jeff Hardy, thank you for the memories and the great times you’ve given us fans. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, sitting in my living room while my buddies play Guitar Hero, goodbye!

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