Week of WWE Wrestling: 09/13/2009 to 09/19/2009


Chris JerichoThis week, taking out the WWE pay-per-view Breaking Point and the whole “new Montreal Screw Job,” the biggest news inside the WWE probably has to be the return on Batista. It was rumored that Batista was going to retire Monday night, but fooled everyone, including Randy Orton and myself. Fooled me enough to the fact that one of my roommates doesn’t even want to watch Monday Night Raw because I was upset about Batista not retiring.

Monday night opened up with Lilian Garcia introducing Batista and he came out with his arm in the sling. He talked about thanking the fans and wanting to say his goodbyes, and “Voices” by Rev Theory played throughout the arena and the former WWE Champion came out. Orton buried Batista saying that no one cares about him retiring (which made me happy and such) and Batista said he knows something that Orton doesn’t know. Surprise surprise Batista is healed and attacked Orton. Batista’s huge news was that he’s going to Smackdown and he’s facing Orton in Raw’s main event in a No Holds Barred match.

[adinserter block=”1″]The match that these two men had been half the time in their match at Extreme Rules inside the Steel Cage for the WWE Championship, this match only lasted four minutes. What a surprise, and a great way for me to go to bed in a poor attitude.

Then for the first time in a long time, I watched most of Smackdown on Friday night and Batista came out and said he was happy to be back on the blue show, the ‘A’ show, and commented that “…yes, I did just say that…,” referring to calling the Friday night show the ‘A’ show. Chris Jericho came out and put a huge smile across my face. Chris Jericho came out and said that he’s the face of Smackdown and Smackdown was his show, and then Batista said that he’s facing Jericho in the main event, and then gave him a spine buster.

In the main event, Jericho lost to Batista, which made me glad on the fact I was watching NWA/WCW Capital Combat 1990 from May 1990 when NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair retained his title against United States Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger inside a Steel Cage by disqualification.

[adinserter block=”2″]But in Batista’s return back from his injury, he was in the main event on WWE’s two biggest shows and defeating both brands biggest heels. Most people, I am sure, are happy about such. For me, I am not, because I never been a fan of Batista, and if people remembered my first article for Camel Clutch Blog, I’ve never been on Batista’s bandwagon. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, listening to Granny on Bryan and Vinny Show on the Figure Four Daily podcast (Wrestling Observer–http://www.wrestlingobserver.com/), goodbye!

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