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Week of WWE Wrestling: 10/04/2009 to 10/10/2009

John Cena vs. Randy OrtonThis past week saw another WWE’s newest pay-per-views, we saw WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday, the 4th. With the pay-per-view, we saw three Cell matches, seeing CM Punk losing the World Heavyweight Championship in ten minutes to the Undertaker in the opening match, John Cena loosing the WWE Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton in the middle of the card, and saw D-Generation X defeat Legacy in the end of the night. I want to discuss the two title changes, and what’s next coming at WWE Bragging Rights.

…World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker becomes new champ…

A return to the top was the Undertaker winning the title from CM Punk on Sunday at the pay-per-view. This is the Undertaker’s seventh World Championship in the business, his third time around with the World Heavyweight Championship. A match I wished would have went longer, but a match that did send people home happy.

[adinserter block=”1″]Tuesday taping of Smackdown, we found out that at WWE Bragging Rights, we’ll see the Undertaker defending the World Heavyweight Championship against CM Punk (which he deserves), Rey Mysterio (why?), and Batista (why?). Logically, I have no clue why Mysterio and Batista are getting a title shot. By all rights, they shouldn’t! They lost at Hell in a Cell! Batista came back from his second injury this year last month and Mysterio just came back from his suspension! I am not happy with that.

But looking at what we do have at the next pay-per-view, I can see this match being well, because the Undertaker is still kind of hurting and not at what he was at. I can see this match being a good match if the WWE would capitalize on all four men’s different wrestling styles. I hope this would happen, but that me, and my opinion.

…WWE Championship: the Viper’s back and full of venom…

Orton’s back and on top of the WWE world, once again. A clean finish inside the Cell, recapturing the title over Cena, giving Cena another one-pay-per-view World title reign, Cena’s second title reign this year that he one at one pay-per-view and loosing it on the next. Something I think hurts Cena more than helping Orton, or the WWE.

Announced on Raw Monday night, we are going to see a One-Hour No Disqualification Iron Man match at WWE Bragging Rights. WWE must want to start turning fans away. I don’t see, and I cannot see anyone wanting to see these two men wrestling each other for a full hour! Honestly, I believe that these two are in a no-disqualification Iron Man match is the only way these two can pull off an Iron Man match. These two cannot go hold-for-hold for an hour, because people would be bored by the twenty minute mark, but I do think WWE could use this kind of match right.

IF, and that’s a big if, WWE used this match right, this match could be a show-stealing match, and a match that could be done great and leave a lot of memories in the fan’s minds. But how things go with the WWE, I cannot see this going well. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for something else.

…Conclusion for this week’s week-in-review…

[adinserter block=”2″]Looking back, I hope WWE is learning from all these gimmick pay-per-views, they’re horrible. And WWE needs to make new stars. Heck, I wrote an article for about WWE needing to make new stars. Check it out if you haven’t yet. But yeah, let’s hope that at the next WWE gimmick pay-per-view, let’s hope it won’t be a flop like the last couple have been.

This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, taking a break from studying Metaethics for a exam next week and writing poems for my Poetry class, goodbye!

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  1. If we're talking logic, the Undertaker should have had to wait in line for his title shot against Punk, since he was just coming back from a prolonged hiatus. The WWE isn't known for its booking logic.

  2. You're correct on that statement, but if we're talking logic, Batista and Mysterio wouldn't be getting World title shots at Bragging Rights, nor would they of got s Unified Tag Title Shot at the last pay-per-view. In addition, talking about logic, Cena and Orton wouldn't be on top, because their matches are stale and we seen everything that they could do with one another and everybody's tired of seeing them.


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